NSTSE Class 4 Question Paper 2017 Part 3

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41. Which one of the following is an example of a pull?

(A) Bouncing a ball

(B) Punching the keys on the keyboard

(C) Removing the lid from the container

(D) Placing the bottle of ketchup on table

42. Which of the following organisms help to break down dead matter into simpler substances?

(A) Fern

(B) Fungi

(C) Woodlouse

(D) Termite

43. The diagram shows a plant with some tendrils.

Image Diagram shows a plant with some tendrils

Image Diagram Shows a Plant with Some Tendrils

How do the tendrils help plant to grow well?

(A) They help the plant to absorb water.

(B) They attach on to other plants in order for the leaves to get enough sunlight.

(C) They transport the food made by the leaves to all parts of the plant.

(D) They help to store food for the plant.

44. What is the function of molars?

(A) To cut the food.

(B) To tear the food.

(C) To crush and grind the food.

(D) To digest the food.

45. When a bulb is connected to a cell with wires, it glows. What kind of energy is stored in cells?

(A) Solar energy

(B) Electrical energy

(C) Chemical energy

(D) Light energy

46. Plant’s shoot growth is towards_______.

(A) Sunlight

(B) Gravity

(C) Water

(D) Soil

47. The symptoms of a disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin are given below. Identify the vitamin.



(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin D

48. Which of the following methods is used to remove soluble impurities in water?

(A) Sedimentation

(B) Decantation

(C) Filtration

(D) Distillation

49. The disease Goiter is caused due to the lake of a certain class of food. Which of the following types of food should be consumed to reduce the risk of goiter?

(A) Rice

(B) Orange

(C) Fish

(D) Carrot

50. Identify the given figure.

Image Figure shows the object

Image Figure Shows the Object

(A) A lever

(B) A screw

(C) A satellite

(D) A pulley

51. An apple from the apple tree fall on ground is due to

(A) Muscular force.

(B) Balanced force.

(C) Gravitational force.

(D) Frictional force.

52. The animals given below are similar as they are

Image Animal name similar

Image Animal Name Similar

(A) Aerial animals

(B) Arboreal animals

(C) Aquatic animals

(D) Burrowing animals

53. What are autotrophs?

(A) Herbivores

(B) Producers

(C) Carnivores

(D) Omnivores

54. Which one of the following body systems carries food and oxygen to all parts of the body and collects waste materials?

(A) Digestive system

(B) Respiratory system

(C) Circulatory system

(D) Excretory system

55. Shreya investigated the properties of an object. She noted down the following observations in her notebook.

Defines the properties of an object

Defines the Properties of an Object

What could be the object?

(A) Oxygen

(B) Honey

(C) Pebble

(D) Milk

56. The following shows solid figure seen through holes on a piece of paper. Identify the hidden solid figure.

Image Figure shows holes on a piece of paper

Image Figure Shows Holes on a Piece of Paper


Image shows hidden solid figure Choice A

Image Shows Hidden Solid Figure Choice A


Image shows hidden solid figure Choice B

Image Shows Hidden Solid Figure Choice B


Image shows hidden solid figure Choice C

Image Shows Hidden Solid Figure Choice C


Image shows hidden solid figure Choice D

Image Shows Hidden Solid Figure Choice D

57. The number from 1 to 7 were laid out in order to make an expression. Which option represents the correct placement of five operation cards?

Image shows the number from 1 to 7

Image Shows the Number from 1 to 7

(A) P, Q, S, T, U

(B) P, Q, R, S, T

(C) P, Q, R, S, U

(D) P, R, S, T, U

58. Read the clues given.

My uncle and aunt have different jobs. One is a driver, and the other works in an office.

My parents and aunt has never driven a car.

My dad and uncle share automobile business.

What is my uncle’s occupation?

(A) Employee

(B) Driver

(C) Business

(D) None of these

59. The following is a ripped piece of calendar for March, what day is April?

Image a ripped piece calendar

Image a Ripped Piece Calendar

(A) Monday

(B) Saturday

(C) Tuesday

(D) Sunday

60. How would the 4th drawing look like?

4th Missing Drawing

4th Missing Drawing


Image circle Choice A

Image Circle Choice A


Image Rhombus Choice B

Image Rhombus Choice B


Image circle Choice C

Image Circle Choice C


Image Rhombus Choice D

Image Rhombus Choice D

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