NSTSE Class 4 Question Paper 2018 Part 3

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Question 41:

When water is cooled to it ________.

i) Changes from the liquid state to the solid state

ii) Evaporates

iii) Gain heat

iv) Freezes

(1) I and iv only

(2) ii and iii only

(3) I, ii and iv only

(4) I, iii and iv only

Question 42:

Study the concept map of below.

Image Staudy concept map

Image Staudy Concept Map

Which of the following can X be?

i) Has mass

ii) Has no mass

iii) Can be compressed

iv) Cannot be compressed

(1) i and iii only

(2) i and iv only

(3) ii and iv only

(4) iii and iv only

Question 43:

A boy wants to eat an apple but has lost some incisors of his mouth. What will be his difficulty?

(1) To cut into the apple

(2) To ear away parts of the apple

(3) To crush and grind the apple

(4) To digest the apple

Question 44:

What is the relation between the following pairs of items?

Image Relation pairs

Image Relation Pairs

(1) A living thing and its organs for gaseous exchange

(2) A living thing and organs for pumping blood

(3) A living thing and its reproductive organs

(4) A living thing and its sense organs

Question 45:

The organ that holds solid waste materials before being removed from the body is the

(1) Pancreas

(2) Liver

(3) Stomach

(4) Large intestine

Question 46:

The picture shows an exchange of gases between plants and animals. What gas is most likely represented by the arrow labelled X?

Image for animals and plants

Image for Animals and Plants

(1) Carbon dioxide

(2) Hydrogen

(3) Nitrogen

(4) Oxygen

Question 47:

The diagram shows a green plant. Where will food made by leaf X be found after translocation?

Image Green plant

Image Green Plant

(1) 1 only

(2) 1 and 2 only

(3) 1,2 and 3 only

(4) 1,2,3 and 4

Question 48:

The given terms are related to

Iamge Item name terms

Iamge Item Name Terms

(1) Flower

(2) Fruit

(3) Leaf

(4) Root

Question 49:

A tooth decay results in bad breathe, cavities and toothache. It is due to the growth of

(1) Viruses

(2) Fungi

(3) Protozoa

(4) Bacteria

Question 50:

Which energy conversation takes place during photosynthesis?

(1) Heat energyLight energy

(2) Light energy Heat energy

(3) Light energy Chemical energy

(4) Mechanical energy Chemical energy

Question 51:

The house lizard is most likely to drop its tail when it

(1) Way to lay eggs

(2) Is about to die

(3) Hatches from an egg

(4) Is trying to escape

Question 52:

The coconut fall on the ground is due to

(1) Muscular force

(2) Balanced force

(3) Gravitational force

(4) Frictional force

Question 53:

What is the life cycle?

(1) It tells how a living thing obtained its food

(2) It tells how a living thing move

(3) It tells the different stages of a living things life

(4) It tells how animal become extinct

Question 54:

Which of these is made from a plant source?

(1) Milk

(2) Ghee

(3) Curd

(4) Bread

Question 55:

Which one of the following processes replenishes oxygen in the air?

(1) Respiration

(2) Transpiration

(3) Photosynthesis

(4) Precipitation

Critical Thinking

Question 56:

Three friends Surya, Karan, Krishna are taking a photo standing in a row. In how many different ways they can stand?





Question 57:

Starting with the least, arrange these parts of a normal human body according to their number in increase order.

(1) Hair, Neck, Ears, Nails

(2) Nails, Ears, Neck, Hair

(3) Neck, Ears, Nails, Hair

(4) Nails, Neck, Hair, Ears

Question 58:

Which of the given figures can be drawn without lifting the pen or retracing the line?


Image Figures line Choice 1

Image Figures Line Choice 1


Image Figures line Choice 2

Image Figures Line Choice 2


Image Figures line Choice 3

Image Figures Line Choice 3


Image Figures line Choice 4

Image Figures Line Choice 4

Question 59:

January 2018 was Monday, then which day is the Indian independence day of the year 2019?

(1) Saturday

(2) Wednesday

(3) Thursday

(4) Friday

Question 60:

How many bananas replaces question mark?

Image bananas mark

Image Bananas Mark





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