NSTSE Class 5 2019 Part 2 Question Paper

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9. Water in a vessel is at a temperature of. By how much must its temperature be increased so as to boil it?





10. Box A is kg while box B is g. what is their total weight?

A. g

B. g

C. g

D. 9600 g

11. A is the smallest 4 digit number which is a multiple of 3. P is the biggest number which when rounded off to the nearest hundred gives 9000 as the answer. Find the difference between A and P.

A. 8047

B. 8049

C. 7997

D. 7999

12. A, B and C are in the ratio of 6:5:11. If the value of A is 42. What is the value of B and C respectively?

A. 35 and 77

B. 30 and 66

C. 21 and 27

D. 12 and 18

13. A car travels a distance of 800 km in 10 hours. What is its speed in km/hr?

A. 80 km/hr

B. 800 km/hr

C. 8 km/hr

D. 10 km/hr

14. Which equation shows 4 is a factor of 24?





15. Find the interest to be paid at the end of one year on Rs. 3450 at 6% per annum.

A. Rs. 205

B. Rs. 207

C. Rs. 201

D. Rs. 200

16. Anusha is 12 years 6 months old. Her sister Poonam is 8 years old. Express Poonam’s to Anusha’s age as a ratio in its simples form.

A. 16:25

B. 12:8

C. 4:5

D. 5:12

17. The number of pairs of equal angles in a parallelogram.

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

18. Look at the balance carefully. Weight of A is 7 kg.

Weight of A is 7 kg

Weight of a is 7 Kg

What is the total mass B and C?

A. 8 kg

B. 7 kg

C. 9 kg

D. 6 kg

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