NSTSE Class 5 2019 Part 4 Question Paper

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General science

26. A pulley makes work easily

A. because it is an inclined plane.

B. by changing the direction of force applied.

C. because the fulcrum lies between the load and the force applied.

D. because it is a lever.

27. In case of a fracture the injured must be

A. kept totally still until the doctor comes.

B. immobilizes the injured area.

C. apply ice pack.

D. all of these.

28. Which of these is called body building food?

A. carbohydrates

B. proteins

C. fats

D. Vitamins and minerals

29. Insects breathe through a series of tiny holes along the sides of their bodies called

A. gills

B. scales

C. spiracles

D. lungs

30. Roshan observed water droplets forming on the outside of a glass of cold milk which contains ice cubes. The water droplets came from the

A. cold milk

B. ice cubes

C. cold glass surface

D. water vapour in the air

31. What makes it hard to slide heavy objects across the rough floor?

A. gravity

B. magnetism

C. electrostatic force

D. friction

32. A chameleon changes it colors according to its surroundings. It does so

A. to obtain food easily

B. to decrease the loss of water

C. to escape from the predators

D. to protect itself from cold climate

33. Which labelled part of an onion bulb is the disc (condensed stem)?

Onion bulb

Onion Bulb

A. P

B. Q

C. R

D. S

34. The coloured part around the pupil in the eye is

(A) eyelid

(B) eyelash

(C) iris

(D) retina

35. Which of the following animals give birth to their young ones?

(P) Whale

(Q) Kangaroo

(R) Platypus

(S) Kingfisher

(A) P and Q only

(B) Q and R only

(C) Q and S only

(D) Q and S only

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