NSTSE Class 5 2019 Part 6 Question Paper

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44. Dry cleaning of clothes is done with

(A) Coal

(B) Petroleum

(C) Chlorine

(D) Water

45. Which of the following are properties of air?

(A) It occupies space and has weight.

(B) It contains oxygen.

(C) It exerts pressure.

(D) All of these

46. A wedge is a simple machine used to

(A) Split a log

(B) Lift a heavy load

(C) Tighten a lid on jar

(D) Draw water from the well

47. Spores are usually found on _______ of the fern plant.

(A) roots

(B) stem

(C) Leaves

(D) branches

48. Which of these helps to maintain body temperature and to provide cushion for vital organs?

(A) Carbohydrates

(B) Minerals

(C) Fats

(D) Proteins

49. In case of a cut or a wound one should take

(A) Hepatitis A injection

(B) Anti-tetanus injection

(C) Hepatitis B injection

(D) Polio injection

50. Which of these cause physical changes?

(A) Motion

(B) Temperature

(C) Pressure

(D) All of these

51. Buoyancy is a/an

(A) Downward force

(B) Upward force

(C) Elastic force

(D) Gravitational force

52. Which joint is found at the wrist and ankle?

(A) Ball and socket

(B) Pivot

(C) Gliding

(D) Hinge

53. A predator is/an

(A) Animal that is killed for food.

(B) Animal that hunts other animals for food.

(C) Animal that shows camouflage.

(D) Animal that moults.

54. During the early stages of germination, the seedling gets food from the

(A) Cotyledons

(B) Soil

(C) Seed coat

(D) Seed pores

55. Which of the following is a Rabi crop?

(A) Wheat

(B) Maize

(C) Rice

(D) Bajra

56. Four small kindergarten students were given the task of making a collection of letters that will look same in the mirror. All the four boys completed their task.

Which of the boys has made the proper collection of letters that would look the same in the mirror?





(a) Boy4

(B) Boy 1

(C) Boy 3

(D) Boy 2

57. If the Letters 1, M, N, 0, P, Q, R, S and Tin their order are to be substituted by nine integers 1 to 9, value of ‘T’ being the greatest. ‘4’ is assigned to P. The difference between P and T is 5. The difference between N and T is ‘3’. Which integer should be assigned to N?

(A) 6

(B) 8

(C) 5

(D) 4

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