NSTSE Class 5 Set 1 2017 Part 3 Previous Year Paper

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27. Which joint is represented by ‘X’ in the given figure?

Figure shows joint

Figure Shows Joint

(A) Ball and socket joint

(B) Pivot joint

(C) Hinge joint

(D) Gliding joint

28. Which shows the correct order of the stages in a life cycle of a plant?





29. What happens when a burning stick was brought into a jar filled with oxygen?

(A) It will put off with a pop sound

(B) It will burn more brightly

(C) It will turn milky

(D) It will be put off and give out pungent smell

30. Which of the following bones protects delicate organs in the body?

P. Skull

Q. Finger bones

R. Thigh bones

S. Rib bones

(A) P and Q only

(B) P and S only

(C) Q and R only

(D) P, Q, R and S

31. Which helps a coconut plant to another to the ground during heavy storms?

(A) Its trunk holds the tree to the ground.

(B) It has a canopy to protect it.

(C) It has a root system to hold it firmly to the ground.

(D) Its branches support the tree from being blown away.

32. A mixture of sand and iron fillings can be separated by

(A) Magnetic separation.

(B) Distillation

(C) Evaporation.

(D) Condensation.

33. The example of I order lever is/are


Image shows example of lever order – Choice A

Image Shows Example of Lever Order – Choice A


Image shows example of lever order – Choice b

Image Shows Example of Lever Order – Choice B


Image shows example of lever order – Choice c

Image Shows Example of Lever Order – Choice C

(D) Both (A) and (C)

34. Which of the given statements about lotus plant are true?

P. Long and spongy stalks.

Q. Needle like leaves.

R. Stomata on the lower surface.

S. Leaves coated with a layer of wax.

(A) P and S only

(B) P, Q and S only

(C) Q and R only

(D) P, R and S only

35. Object Q has a fixed volume and cannot be compressed. It also cannot flow. What is it likely to be?

(A) Coffee in a cup

(B) Gas in a balloon

(C) Orange juice in a glass

(D) A block of wood

36. In potatoes, new plants grow from

(A) Bulbs of the modified stems.

(B) Notches of the leaf.

(C) Modified roots.

(D) Eyes of the modified stems.

37. Mushrooms and Bread mould are

Image shows mushrooms and bread mould

Image Shows Mushrooms and Bread Mould

(A) Algae.

(B) Bacteria.

(C) Non-living things.

(D) Fungi.

38. How are the roots of the sweet potato useful to the plants?

(A) The roots help to store food for the plant.

(B) The roots absorb water and mineral salts.

(C) The roots transport food to the leaves only.

(D) Both (A) and (B)

39. Name the ball and socket joint in our body in addition to the shoulder joint.

(A) Elbow joint

(B) Hip joint

(C) Wrist joint

(D) Knee joint

40. Which of the following vitamins is prepared in our body in the presence of sunlight?

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin D

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