NSTSE Class 5 Set 2 2018 Part 3 Previous Year Paper

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27. Which gas helps in burning?

(A) Hydrogen

(B) Carbon dioxide

(C) Oxygen

(D) Nitrogen

28. Which of the following statements is/are true about the earthworms?

(A) They are nature’s gardeners

(B) They loosen the soil and help to aerate it

(C) They enrich the soil with their waste matter

(D) All of these

29. Ravi observed water droplets on the leaves of a plant on a cold morning as shown in the figure given below. The water droplets are formed by the

Picture shows water droplets on the leaves

Picture Shows Water Droplets on the Leaves

(A) Condensation of water vapour in air.

(B) Freezing of water in leaves.

(C) Evaporation of water from leaves.

(D) All of these

30. How are the given agents useful to plants?

Image shows the useful to plants

Image Shows the Useful to Plants

(A) Provide food

(B) Produce spores

(C) Germination of seeds

(D) Disperse seeds

31. An ice pack is applied in the case of

(A) Bruises.

(B) Nose bleeding.

(C) Knee cut.

(D) Head ache.

32. Why can’t green plants live without sunlight?

(A) They cannot breathe without sunlight

(B) They cannot move without sunlight

(C) They cannot prepare food without sunlight

(D) They cannot transport food without sunlight

33. How are our teeth useful to us in the digestive system?

(A) They enhance the taste of food.

(B) They help to tear, chew and grind the food into smaller pieces.

(C) They produce digestive juices.

(D) They help to roll the food particles into balls to ease swallowing.

34. Which force acts on wood to float when immersed in water?

(A) Gravitational force

(B) Buoyant force

(C) Frictional force

(D) Mechanical force

35 What process is being shown in the given figure?

Figure shows the process of salt solution

Figure Shows the Process of Salt Solution

(A) Evaporation

(B) Condensation

(C) Melting

(D) Sedimentation

36. In a campaign to save the environment, the following habits are encouraged. What is the aim of the campaign?

Sentences about to save the environment

Sentences About to Save the Environment

(A) To conserve petrol

(B) To use more plastic

(C) To save the forest

(D) To avoid water pollution

37. Image of an object is formed on which part of the eye?

(A) Iris

(B) Pupil

(C) Retina

(D) Eyelids

38. Which joint helps Sunitha to move her head?

Picture shows move the head

Picture Shows Move the Head

(A) Pivot

(B) Hinge

(C) Sliding

(D) Ball and socket

39. Some things were buried in wet ground. Several years later they were dug up. Which thing is most likely to have stayed the same?

(A) An egg shell

(B) A paper cup

(C) A vegetable peel

(D) A plastic glass

40. Karuna uses a downward pulling force on the rope to make the blind go up. Which simple machine is being used?

Picture shows pulling force on the rope

Picture Shows Pulling Force on the Rope

(A) Lever

(B) Screw

(C) Pulley

(D) Ramp

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