NSTSE Class 5 Set 2 2018 Part 4 Previous Year Paper

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41. Which rock is formed by the metamorphism of granite?

(A) Quartzite

(B) Gneiss

(C) Marble

(D) Slate

42. Which of these food is rich in vitamin C?

(A) Rice

(B) Oranges

(C) Fish

(D) Carrot

43. Which of the following animals breathe through skin?

(A) Snake

(B) Earthworm

(C) Scorpion

(D) Whale

44. Which one of the following shows the correct stages in the life cycle of plant when a seed is planted?

(P) Leaves appear.

(Q) Roots appear.

(R) Flowers appear.

(S) Fruit appear.

(T) Shoot appear.





45. Balu blew a balloon as shown below.

Balu blew a balloon

Balu Blew a Balloon

He had shown that air

(A) Has mass.

(B) Takes up space.

(C) Can be held.

(D) Has movement.

46. Study the given concept map. Which of the following could X be?

Image shows the sentences about plant

Image Shows the Sentences About Plant

(A) Mould

(B) Mushroom

(C) Rhizopus

(D) All of these

47. Which of the following actions involve a consumer and a producer in a food chain?

(A) A frog feeding on a grasshopper.

(B) A grasshopper eating grass.

(C) A snake feeding on a frog.

(D) An eagle feeding on a snake.

48. The given figure shows a fish.

Figure shows a fish

Figure Shows a Fish

How does the structure labeled P help the fish?

(A) To swim

(B) To breathe

(C) To find direction

(D) To balance its body

49. Identify the controlling centre of the body.


C:\Users\N G\Desktop\images(14).jpg



C:\Users\N G\Desktop\images(15).jpg



C:\Users\N G\Desktop\images(16).jpg



C:\Users\N G\Desktop\441.jpg


50. I undergo periodic changes. I am the one who is responsible for tides. I am the king of night but I beg light from the sun. Who am I?

(A) The earth

(B) The star

(C) The moon

(D) The sun

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