NSTSE Reasoning Sample Paper 2

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Q-1. ‘AWAKE’ is KAWAE, and then SLEEP is





Q-2. A shepherd has 17 sheep’s. All but 9 died, then how many sheep’s he left?

(a) 17

(b) 9

(c) 8

(d) 10

Q-3. Three cats kill 3 rats in 3 minutes. Then how much time would be taken to kill 100 rats by 100 cats?

(a) 30 minutes

(b) 3 minutes

(c) 100 minutes

(d) 60 minutes

Q-4. If K L M N P Q, then decode MP QL MN 45

(a) 68 95 67 KL

(b) 68 59 76 KL

(c) 95 76 87 PQ

(d) 95 67 87 QP

Q-5. As Shoe is to Man … is to horse.

(a) Animal

(b) Hoof

(c) Rider

(d) Man

Q-6. If CROP is codes as RCPO, then CASH will be coded as

(a) ASCH




Q-7. The child ….. at his mother hand (select the correct word)

(a) Pulled

(b) Hauled

(c) Tugged

(d) None of these

Q-8. Plimsoll lines are those

(a) Line on the equator

(b) Lines marked on the ship to check overloading

(c) Lines on the border

(d) LOC is also called plimsoll lines.

Q-9. During constant temperature, we feel colder on the day when the relative humidity is

(a) 100%

(b) 50%

(c) 75%

(d) 25%

Q-10. Roaring forties are

(a) Roaring of forty lions

(b) Blowing of forty hot winds in a desert

(c) Blowing of wind from Mediterranean’s

(d) Winds blowing from latitude in north and south.

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