NSTSE Syllabus for Class 10

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Unified council NSTSE conducts examination for classes 2 to 10. This is a syllabus outline for Class 10 for NSTSE Examination 2021


  • Real Numbers
  • Polynomials
  • Pair of linear equations in two variables
  • Quadratic equations
  • Arithmetic progressions
  • Triangles
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Some Applications of trigonometry
  • Circles
  • Constructions
  • Areas related to circles
  • Surface areas and volumes
  • Statistics
  • Probability


  • Light
  • The Human Eye and the Colourful World
  • Electricity
  • Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
  • Sources of Energy


  • Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Metals and Non-metals
  • Carbon and its Compounds
  • Periodic Classification of Elements


  • Life Processes
  • Control and Coordination
  • Reproduction
  • Heredity and Evolution
  • Our Environment
  • Management of Natural Resources

Further details are available at NSTSE website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I want to ask for syllabus and exam date nPlease answer my question.n

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    1 Answer

    For NSTSE preparation check out - https://www.doorsteptutor.com/Exams/NSTSE/

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  • I want clear date and syllabus of this exam

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    1 Answer

    NSTSE preparation material is available at - https://www.doorsteptutor.com/Exams/NSTSE/, exam is usually held in the month of Feb.

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  • I Have a doubt about NSTSE exam for 10th Class That its our first semester and in syllabus whole book is Coming of maths and science which we have not prepared so please tell what to Do! ! !

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    1 Answer

    Yes you need to cover the complete syllabus.

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