NTA (UGC)-NET: Philosophy Books

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  1. Dr. C. D. Sharma (Indian Philosophy) - Buy from Amazon. in
  2. Dr. Deo Raj (Indian Philosophy)
  3. Dr. Ya Mashiha (Western Philosophy)
  4. Dr. Daya Krishna (Western Philosophy) - Buy from Amazon. in
  5. Dr. Franckena Thilly (Western Philosophy)
  6. Dr. B. K. Lal (Contemporary Western Philosophy) - Buy from Amazon. in
  7. Dr. Irvin M. Copi
  8. Dr. Divakar Pathak (Indian Ethic)
  9. Dr. V. P. Verma (Western Ethic)
  10. Dr. B. N. Singh (Ethics)
  11. Lilly (Ethics) - Buy from Amazon. in
  12. Dr. Lakshmi Saxena
  13. Dr. C. D. Sharma
  14. Dr. Deo Raj
  15. Dr. Hiriyanna - Buy from Amazon. in
  16. Dr. Radha Krishnan
  17. Ashok Verma (Symbolic logic)
  18. Dr. J. P. Sood Vol IV
  19. Dr. Gauba - Buy from Amazon. in
  20. Dr. Ya Mashiha
  21. John Hick
  22. Dr. V. P. Verma
  23. Six ways of knowing by D. M. Datta.

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