Booklist for UGC NET Sociology Exam 2022

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Trueman՚s UGC NET Sociology by S. Hussain (Author) - Buy from Amazon

Table of contents section-a sociological concepts unit

  1. nature of sociology unit
  2. basic concepts unit
  3. social structure units
  4. social groups unit
  5. social institutions unit
  6. socialization unit
  7. social stratification units
  8. social change units
  9. some additional concepts objective type questions section-b sociological theory unit
  10. structural theory units
  11. functional theory units
  12. interactionist unit
  13. conflict objective type questions section-c methodology unit
  14. meaning and nature of social research unit
  15. quantitative methods unit
  16. qualitative methods unit
  17. statistics in social research. objective type questions

UGC - NET/SET: Sociology (Paper II and III) Guide (Popular Master Guide) by Rph Editorial Board (Author) - Buy from Amazon

This book included study material and test paper (solved) . Detailed answers have also been provided for the questions for better understanding of the candidates. syllabus previous paper (solved) December 2013 paper - ii - concept of sociology sociological theory methodology paper iii

  1. - phenomenology and ethnomethodology neo - functionalism and neo - Marxism structuration and post - modernism conceptualising Indian society theoretical perspectives contemporary issues: socio - cultural contemporary issues of development issues pertaining to deviance current debates the challenges of globalization paper iii
  2. - rural sociology industry and society development of sociology population and society gender and society important MCQs for paper ii and iii

UGC Net (Jrf and Ls) Sociology Paper II and III by Fazle Kibria (Author) - Buy from Amazon

  • The book has been divided into three sections namely paper ii, paper iii a (core) and paper iii b (elective) , each divided into number of chapters covering the syllabus of sociology paper ii and amp; iii.
  • Paper ii section has been divided into 16 chapters namely nature of sociology, basic concepts, social structure, social group, social institution, socialization, stratification, social change, structural theory, functionalism, interaction, conflict, meaning and amp; nature of social research, quantitative methods and statistics in social research. Paper iii a (core) covers phenomenology and ethnomethodology, neo-functionalism and amp; neo-Marxism, structuration and amp; post-modernism, conceptualizing Indian society, theoretical perspectives, and contemporary issues: socio-cultural, contemporary issues: developmental, issues pertaining to deviance, current debates and the challenges of globalization.
  • Paper iii b (elective) covers rural sociology, industry and amp; sociology, sociology of development, population and society and gender and society.
  • More than 5000 previous years objective questions from 2008 to 2011 have been covered chapter wise.

Sociology for UGC-NET/SLET and Other Competitive Examinations Objective Type Questions by Atlantic Research Division (Author) - Buy from Amazon

Sociology for UGC-NET/SLET/JRF, Paper I, II and III Previous Years′ Solved Papers by Atlantic Research Division (Author) - Buy from Amazon

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