Examrace 2019 New Topics in Paper-1 for NTA (UGC) NET-JRF

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Only book you need to cover the new 2019 syllabus topics and succeed in NTA (UGC)-NET Paper-1: Comprehensive notes, sample questions with detailed step-by-step explanations.

  • Covers esoteric topics of Indian philosophy like Means of knowledge; Pramanas (Pratyaksha, Anumana, Upamana, Sabda, Arthapatti and Anupalabdhi; and Structure and kinds of Anumana, Vyapti, Hetwabhasa). Also includes the fallacies in western logic.

  • Covers very important education topic on Oriental, Conventional and Non-Conventional education.

  • Positivism and Post-positivism has been discussed thoroughly along with its implication on research methods.

  • Covers the new topics of value and environment education.

  • Special emphasis on computer related topics line CBT, data, and governance.

  • All topics come with sample question to provide focus.

CHAPTER 1: Indian Logic

  • Branches of Philosophy
  • Introduction to Indian Logic
  • Schools of Indian Philosophy (Darsanas)
  • Vedas
  • Knowledge (Buddhi)
  • Theory of Validity of Knowledge
  • 16 Padarthas (Elements) of Nyaya-Sutra
  • Process of Vada
  • Pramana (Proof or Means of Knowledge)
  • Pratyaksha Pramana (Perception)
  • Anumana (Inference)
  • Hetwabhasa (Fallacies of Inference)
  • Upamana Pramana (Comparison or Analogy)
  • Sabda Pramana (Verbal Testimony)
  • Arthapatti (Presupposition or Postulation)
  • Anupalabdhi (Non-Apprehension)
  • Other Pramanas

CHAPTER 2: New Topics In Logic

  • Logic
  • Fallacies: Formal and Informal
  • Questions on Fallacies

CHAPTER 3: New Topics In Computers & Technology

  • Data and Governance
  • Questions on Data and Governance
  • Classical Test Theory vs. Item Response Theory
  • Computer Based Testing
  • Innovations in Evaluation Systems
  • Questions on Computer Based Testing & Innovations in Evaluation Systems

CHAPTER 4: New Topics In Education & Research

  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in Higher Education
  • Questions on Choice Based Credit System in Higher education
  • Online and Offline Learning
  • Questions on Off-Line, On-Line Methods
  • Oriental Programs
  • Conventional Programs
  • Open and Distance Learning System
  • Non-Conventional Programs
  • Non-Conventional Thinkers and Alternative Schools
  • Questions on Oriental, Conventional, & Non-Conventional Learning Programs
  • Value Education
  • Environmental Education (EE)
  • Questions on Value Education and Environmental Education
  • Positivistic and Post-Positivistic Approach to Research
  • Questions on Positivistic and Post-Positivistic Approach to Research

CHAPTER 5: New Topics In Environment & Governance

  • International Solar Alliance
  • Questions on International Solar Alliance

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