Examrace Paper-1 Series for NTA (UGC) NET-JRF (Postal Course- Updated to Cover 2019 New Syllabus)

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Course Includes Following 7 Books

Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation
Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation Sample Preview

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Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension
Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension Sample Preview

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Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning
Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning Sample Preview

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Communication, Education, Teaching & Research Aptitude
Communication, Education, Teaching & Research Aptitude Sample Preview

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Fundamentals of Geography, Polity and Computers
Fundamentals of Geography, Polity and Computers Sample Preview

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Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Analytical & Logical Reasoning Sample Preview

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2019 Syllabus New Topics
2019 Syllabus New Topics Sample Preview

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Only course you need for success in NTA (UGC)-NET Paper-1: Comprehensive notes, thousands of questions with detailed step-by-step explanations. Includes special supplement covering new units added in Jan 2019 syllabus update! Master all the techniques as you solve questions!

  • Indian philosophy from 2019 syllabus like Means of knowledge; Pramanas (Pratyaksha, Anumana, Upamana, Sabda, Arthapatti and Anupalabdhi; and Structure and kinds of Anumana, Vyapti, Hetwabhasa) are covered in book “2019 Syllabus New Topics” along with sample questions.

  • Other topics on from 2019 syllabus like CBT; Data & Governance; Western Logic; Oriental, Conventional & Non-Conventional Education; Positivism & Non-Positivism etc. Are also covered in book “2019 Syllabus New Topics” along with sample questions.

  • Only postal course covering complete syllabus-even topics like, research and higher education, writing styles, square of opposition, syllogism and more.

  • Speed matters-All the questions of Paper-1 from last several years can be easily and quickly by employing techniques developed in this course.

  • Preparing for Paper-1 is a must-unless you clear NTA (UGC)-NET paper 1, your subject papers are not checked and now marks for paper-1 are added to your total.

  • Comprehensive notes and numerous multiple choice practice questions with detailed solutions covering entire syllabus of NTA (UGC)-NET Paper I with More than 40 Tips & Tricks!

  • Detailed theory concepts and explanations on all topics.

  • Mathematical section specially designed for those candidates who do not have sound mathematics background.

  • Comprehensive verbal section non-English background students.

  • Includes problems, important concepts and latest developments in higher education.

  • Detailed coverage of teaching-aptitude and research-aptitude along with major contributors and philosophies of education.

  • Has an exhaustive coverage on people, environment, governance, polity and related issues with recent events and inventions (in Fundamentals of Geography, Polity and Computers).

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No doubt the best

-by-  RAJA

if we learn this books we can able to clear net exam noneed to go through some other books..solutions and explanations is given for all answers


-by-  H C (Cleared Exam)

It is helpful

Its good

-by-  Varma

Not only only for jrc but for lecturership also

Sabhi maha gatiya material ke beech ek yahi theek hai- pad lijiye cover ho jaayega

-by-  yadav

market is filled with worst material on ugc net paper 1- no other choice to cover entire syllabus

It will be very helpful

-by-  K.

Sir,all five books are whether paper made or come in hard disk?


-by-  RAMESH

Sir , I had completed MBA in Marketing and I kindly request you to suggest bookS for paper 2 and 3

Awesome video and proper analysis

-by-  Biswas (Cleared Exam)

Earlier I have never try...

Paper ist

-by-  Hassandar

Topped my test. Best material for paper ist

Nice reference and material for CBSE NET JRF Exam December 2016

-by-  t

Nice reference material along with youtube videos available at Examrace Channel. One of the questions mentioned in the video was incomplete, please check that question again.

Cost of books

-by-  Samreen

This is total cost of all 6 coarse books for paper 1! WoW!

ugc net paper 1

-by-  bansal

Request publish this material in hindi

good material

-by-  sv

This is the only book to guide correctly to paper 1


-by-  dilip sharma

The only book with detailed explanation on each topic before we try to solve MCQs

postal course for paper ii and paper iii

-by-  sai

Excellence........Thanks ..........Do you have any material regarding economics Paper II and III....Such for paper 1Winning tips","Easy to understand & remember","Accurate and to the point"Read more at: https://www.examrace.com/CBSE-UGC-NET/CBSE-UGC-NET-FlexiPrep-Program/Postal-Courses/Examrace-CBSE-UGC-NET-Paper-I-Series.htm.Can i have the same for paper ii and paper iii

Fast reply

-by-  Roy

Please suggest which book shall I follow for paper 2 &3 .I have done MBA in marketing nReply at the earliest

good friend

-by-  ahirwar (Cleared Exam)

good friend


-by-  S



-by-  Singhal

I looked for numerous material including upkar, arihant but none of them could give me such a complete material. I am a regular follower at Youtube Examrace Channel as well and this time the predicted video was quite accurate, i am happy that there is someone 2 guide us, i was looking for coaching institutes around but now no more

Go with this Postal Course- Stop wasting your time like I did looking for material.

-by-  Sharma

One of my friends purchased this material and after consulting her I found that this is excellent material covering all aspects of Paper-1. I honestly suggest that please stop wasting your time looking for material and go wholeheartedly with this postal course.

Happy to get selected.

-by-  Singhal (Cleared Exam)

What can I say, I got selected, good practice books. Don't just browse through , solve each and every question and understand all the explanations, you can cover 100% Paper.

These books are good for paper 1 & cover entire syllbus of paper 1

-by-  Kandhol


I never knew we have 2 study 6 books for just paper 1

-by-  Misra

I never thought we will have to study 6 books for paper 1 but indeed these are good and explanative and well defined. I believe we will have 2 study a lot 4 this exm....

Excellent Material

-by-  Sharmaa

Excellent material with great coverage. Perfect for CBSE NET Exam. The video lectures at Youtube absolutely free are immensely useful and great supplement, thanks Examrace!

Excellent and comprehensive. Very reasonably priced

-by-  Singhal (Cleared Exam)

Very comprehensive material covering entire UGC Paper 1 syllabus. Lots of practice questions of various types. Solutions are detailed and self explanatory.

the study materials provided by u are excellent,one of my request is remove the pdf format of mocks

-by-  subith

is it cover the entire syllabus.

Excellent Study Material

-by-  Arjun

Thank you so much for the information. Your study material for UGC Paper 1 is excellent. One must buy to clear the NET exam. Thx examrace.

Good book with lot of information

-by-  Gupta

This is a good book with lot of information and especially targeted to meet the education, teaching, mental ability and research sections for UGC exam.

Sample questions with Explanations!

-by-  Burman

I read Upkar and arihant but found lot of incorrect answers and also there were no solutions. This book does not have a whole bunch of practice questions but have correct answers with explanation.

Best Money I have Spent

-by-  Gupta

I found it very useful & was looking for long about a study material that could help me cover the entire syllabus and finally this was last option. This was the best money I had ever spent for exam.