NTA NET Management 2019 Syllabus Changes: Topics Added & Deleted

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Following is the list of changes in the 2019 syllabus. Note that we do not recommend that you leave the topics, which have not been mentioned in the new syllabus. These should also be covered although they may be given lower priority. Note that all the new 2019 topics (and also the old ones) are covered in our online course.

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Topics Added in NTA NET Management in 2019 Syllabus

Topics Added in NTA NET Management in 2019 Syllabus
Financial ManagementWorking Capital ManagementDeterminants (New 2019)
Financial ManagementWorking Capital ManagementCash (New 2019)
Financial ManagementWorking Capital ManagementInventory (New 2019)
Financial ManagementWorking Capital ManagementReceivables and Payables Management (New 2019)
Financial ManagementWorking Capital ManagementFactoring (New 2019)
Financial ManagementElements of DerivativesOptions (New 2019)
Financial ManagementElements of DerivativesOption Payoffs (New 2019)
Financial ManagementElements of DerivativesOption Pricing (New 2019)
Financial ManagementElements of DerivativesForward Contracts & Future Contracts (New 2019)
Financial ManagementMergers and AcquisitionsCorporate Restructuring (New 2019)
Financial ManagementMergers and AcquisitionsValue Creation (New 2019)
Financial ManagementMergers and AcquisitionsMerger Negotiations (New 2019)
Financial ManagementMergers and AcquisitionsLeveraged Buyouts (New 2019)
Financial ManagementMergers and AcquisitionsTakeover (New 2019)
Financial ManagementAccounting Principles and Standards of Financial StatementsNew 2019
Financial ManagementPreparation of Financial StatementsNew 2019
Financial ManagementFinancial Statement AnalysisRatio Analysis (New 2019)
Financial ManagementFinancial Statement AnalysisFunds Flow and Cash Flow Analysis (New 2019)
Financial ManagementFinancial Statement AnalysisDupont Analysis (New 2019)
Financial ManagementPreparation of Cost SheetNew 2019
Financial ManagementMarginal CostingNew 2019
Financial ManagementCost Volume Profit AnalysisNew 2019
Financial ManagementStandard Costing & Variance AnalysisNew 2019
Financial ManagementSources and FinanceNew 2019
Financial ManagementBudgeting and Budgetary ControlNew 2019
Financial ManagementTypes and ProcessNew 2019
Financial ManagementZero Base BudgetingNew 2019
Financial ManagementLeveragesOperating (New 2019)
Financial ManagementLeveragesFinancial and Combined Leverages (New 2019)
Financial ManagementLeveragesEbit? Eps Analysis (New 2019)
Financial ManagementLeveragesFinancial Breakeven Point (New 2019)
Financial ManagementLeveragesIndifference Level (New 2019)
Financial ManagementRole of International Financial InstitutionsIMF and World Bank (New 2019)
Managerial EconomicsDemand AnalysisUtility Analysis (New 2019)
Managerial EconomicsDemand AnalysisIndifference Curve, Elasticity & Forecasting (New 2019)
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational DesignTypes (New 2019)
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational DesignAuthority (New 2019)
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational DesignResponsibility (New 2019)
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational DesignCentralisation (New 2019)
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational DesignDecentralisation and Span of Control (New 2019)
Human Resource ManagementConceptNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementProcessNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementTheories and ApproachesNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementManagement Roles and SkillsNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementFunctionsPlanning (New 2019)
Human Resource ManagementFunctionsOrganizing (New 2019)
Human Resource ManagementFunctionsStaffing (New 2019)
Human Resource ManagementFunctionsCoordinating and Controlling (New 2019)
Human Resource ManagementCommunicationNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementDecision MakingNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementInflationNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementCSRNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementEmotions and Stress ManagementNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementInductionNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementStrategic Role of Human Resource ManagementNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementCompetency MappingNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementBalanced ScoreboardNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementTalent Management & Skill DevelopmentNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementEmployee Engagement & Work Life BalanceNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementIndustrial RelationsLabour Welfare and Social Security (New 2019)
Human Resource ManagementHR Challenge of International BusinessNew 2019
Human Resource ManagementGreen HRMNew 2019
Organizational BehaviourUnderstanding and Managing Group BehaviourTeam Building (New 2019)
Organizational BehaviourInterpersonal BehaviourNew 2019
Organizational BehaviourTransactional AnalysisNew 2019
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational Culture & ClimateNew 2019
Organizational BehaviourWork Force DiversityNew 2019
Organizational BehaviourCross Culture Organisational BehaviourNew 2019
Organizational BehaviourOrganisational Justice and Whistle BlowingNew 2019
Marketing ManagementCustomer Relationship ManagementRelationship Building (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementCustomer Relationship ManagementStrategies (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementCustomer Relationship ManagementValues and Process (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementTrends and TasksNew 2019
Marketing ManagementCustomer Value and SatisfactionNew 2019
Marketing ManagementValue & ReturnsTime Preference For Money (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementValue & ReturnsValuation of Bonds and Shares (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementValue & ReturnsRisk and Returns (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementPortfolio ManagementCAPM (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementPortfolio ManagementApt (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementBrandsRole of Brands (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementBrandsBrand Equity (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementBrandsEquity Models (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementBrandsBrand Name Decisions (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementBrandsBrand Extensions and Loyalty (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementService MarketingManaging Service Quality and Brands (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementService MarketingMarketing Strategies of Service Firms (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementEmerging Trends in MarketingConcept of E-Marketing (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementEmerging Trends in MarketingDirect Marketing (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementEmerging Trends in MarketingDigital Marketing (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementEmerging Trends in MarketingGreen Marketing (New 2019)
Marketing ManagementInternational MarketingEntry Mode Decisions (New 2019)
Wholesaling and RetailingRecent Trends in IndiaNew 2019
Wholesaling and RetailingTypes of Retail OutletsNew 2019
Production ManagementProduction SchedulingLoading (New 2019)
Production ManagementProduction SchedulingSequencing and Monitoring (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyStrategic ManagementConcept, Process, Decision & Types (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyStrategic AnalysisExternal Analysis (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyStrategic AnalysisPest (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyInternal AnalysisResource Based Approach (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyInternal AnalysisValue Chain Analysis (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyStrategy FormulationSWOT Analysis (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyGrowthNew 2019
Corporate StrategyStabilityNew 2019
Corporate StrategyRetrenchmentNew 2019
Corporate StrategyIntegration and DiversificationNew 2019
Corporate StrategyBusiness Portfolio AnalysisGe Business Model (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyStrategy ImplementationChallenges of Change (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyStrategy ImplementationDeveloping Programs Mckinsey 7s Framework (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyValue NetworksNew 2019
Corporate StrategyIMCNew 2019
Corporate StrategyManaging International BusinessTheories of International Trade (New 2019)
Corporate StrategyManaging International BusinessBalance of Payment (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessWomen EntrepreneurshipNew 2019
Entrepreneurship & BusinessRural EntrepreneurshipNew 2019
Entrepreneurship & BusinessInnovations in BusinessTypes of Innovations (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessInnovations in BusinessScreening of Business Ideas (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessFeasibility AnalysisConcept and Process of Technical (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessFeasibility AnalysisMarket and Financial Analysis (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessMicro and Small Scale Industries in IndiaNew 2019
Entrepreneurship & BusinessRole of Government in Promoting SSINew 2019
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessFinancial Institutions (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessCommercial Banks (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessCooperative Banks (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessMicro Finance (New 2019)
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Marketing LogisticsValue Creation (New 2019)
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Marketing LogisticsDesigning and Managing Sales Force (New 2019)
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyForeign Direct InvestmentBenefits and Costs (New 2019)
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyExim PoliciesNew 2019
StatisticsConcept, Measures of Central Tendency and DispersionNew 2019
StatisticsQuestionnaire DesignNew 2019
Entrepreneurship & BusinessEnterprise Resource PlanningERP Modules (New 2019)
Entrepreneurship & BusinessEnterprise Resource PlanningERP Implementation (New 2019)
Production ManagementWork MeasurementQuality Management (New 2019)
Production ManagementWork MeasurementQuality Circles (New 2019)
Production ManagementTotal Quality ManagementKaizen (New 2019)
Production ManagementTotal Quality ManagementBenchmarking (New 2019)
Production ManagementTotal Quality ManagementSix Sigma (New 2019)
Production ManagementTotal Quality ManagementISO 9000 Series Standards (New 2019)
Marketing ResearchArtificial Intelligence and Big DataNew 2019
Marketing ResearchData WarehousingNew 2019
Marketing ResearchData MiningNew 2019
Marketing ResearchKnowledge ManagementNew 2019
Marketing ResearchManaging Technological ChangeNew 2019

Old Topics from NTA NET Management in 2019 Syllabus

Old Topics from NTA NET Management in 2019 Syllabus
Managerial EconomicsDemand AnalysisNone
Managerial EconomicsProduction FunctionNone
Managerial EconomicsCost-Output RelationsNone
Managerial EconomicsMarket StructuresNone
Managerial EconomicsPricing TheoriesNone
Managerial EconomicsAdvertisingNone
MacroeconomicsNational Income ConceptsNone
MacroeconomicsInfrastructure- Management and PolicyNone
MacroeconomicsBusiness EnvironmentNone
MacroeconomicsCapital BudgetingNone
Organizational BehaviourConcept and significance of OBNone
Organizational BehaviourSkills and Role in an organizationNone
Organizational BehaviourTheories of Organizational StructuresNone
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational DesignNone
Organizational BehaviourManaging Individual Behaviour and PersonalityPerception
Organizational BehaviourManaging Individual Behaviour and PersonalityValues
Organizational BehaviourManaging Individual Behaviour and PersonalityAttitudes
Organizational BehaviourManaging Individual Behaviour and PersonalityLearning
Organizational BehaviourManaging Individual Behaviour and PersonalityMotivation
Organizational BehaviourUnderstanding and Managing Group BehaviourProcesses
Organizational BehaviourUnderstanding and Managing Group BehaviourInter-personal and Group Dynamics
Organizational BehaviourUnderstanding and Managing Group BehaviourCommunication
Organizational BehaviourUnderstanding and Managing Group BehaviourLeadership
Organizational BehaviourUnderstanding and Managing Group BehaviourManaging Change
Organizational BehaviourUnderstanding and Managing Group BehaviourManaging Conflicts
Organizational BehaviourOrganizational DevelopmentNone
Human Resource ManagementConcepts and perspectives in HRMNone
Human Resource ManagementSignificance and Objectives and features of HRMNone
Human Resource ManagementFunctions of HRMDiagnostic Model
Human Resource ManagementFunctions of HRMExternal and Internal Environment
Human Resource ManagementForces and Influences in HRMNone
Human Resource ManagementHRM in Changing EnvironmentNone
Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource PlanningJob Analysis
Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource PlanningObjectives, Process and Techniques
Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource PlanningExit Policy and Implication
Human Resource ManagementRecruitment and SelectionSources of Recruits
Human Resource ManagementRecruitment and SelectionRecruiting Methods
Human Resource ManagementRecruitment and SelectionSelection Procedure
Human Resource ManagementRecruitment and SelectionSelection Tests
Human Resource ManagementRecruitment and SelectionPlacement and Follow-up
Human Resource ManagementPerformance Appraisal systemImportance and Objectives
Human Resource ManagementPerformance Appraisal systemTechniques of Appraisal System
Human Resource ManagementPerformance Appraisal systemNew trends in Appraisal System
Human Resource ManagementDevelopment PersonnelObjectives
Human Resource ManagementDevelopment PersonnelDetermining Needs
Human Resource ManagementDevelopment PersonnelMethods of Training and Development Programs
Human Resource ManagementDevelopment PersonnelEvaluation
Human Resource ManagementCareer Planning and DevelopmentConcept of Career
Human Resource ManagementCareer Planning and DevelopmentCareer Planning and Development Methods
Human Resource ManagementCompensation and BenefitsJob Evaluation Techniques
Human Resource ManagementCompensation and BenefitsWage and Salary Administration
Human Resource ManagementCompensation and BenefitsFringe Benefits
Human Resource ManagementCompensation and BenefitsHuman Resource Records and Audit
Human Resource ManagementEmployee DisciplineImportance
Human Resource ManagementEmployee DisciplineCauses and Forms
Human Resource ManagementEmployee DisciplineDisciplinary Action
Human Resource ManagementEmployee DisciplineDomestic Enquiry
Human Resource ManagementGrievance ManagementImportance, Process and Practices
Human Resource ManagementGrievance ManagementEmployee Welfare and Security Measures
Human Resource ManagementIndustrial RelationsImportance, Industrial Conflicts, causes
Human Resource ManagementIndustrial RelationsDispute Settlement Machinery
Human Resource ManagementTrade UnionsImportance of Unionism
Human Resource ManagementTrade UnionsUnion Leadership
Human Resource ManagementTrade UnionsNational Trade Union Movement
Human Resource ManagementCollective BargainingConcept, Process, Prerequisites
Human Resource ManagementCollective BargainingTrends in Collective Bargaining
Human Resource ManagementIndustrial DemocracyNeed for Industrial Democracy
Human Resource ManagementIndustrial DemocracyPre-requisites for Industrial Democracy
Human Resource ManagementEmployee ParticipationObjectives
Human Resource ManagementEmployee ParticipationForms of Employee Participation
Financial ManagementNature and ScopeNone
Financial ManagementValuation Concepts and Valuation of SecuritiesNone
Financial ManagementPricing TheoriesCapital Asset Pricing Model
Financial ManagementPricing TheoriesArbitrage Pricing Theory
Financial ManagementFinancial Statements and AnalysisNone
Financial ManagementCapital Budgeting Decisions- Risk analysisNone
Financial ManagementLong-term and Short-term Financing InstrumentsNone
Financial ManagementCapital Structure Theory and Cost of CapitalNone
Financial ManagementDividend Policy- DeterminantsNone
Financial ManagementWorking Capital ManagementNone
Financial ManagementElements of DerivativesNone
Financial ManagementCorporate Risk ManagementNone
Financial ManagementMergers and AcquisitionsNone
Financial ManagementInternational Financial managementNone
Marketing ManagementConceptsNone
Marketing ManagementNature and scopeNone
Marketing ManagementMarketing MyopiaNone
Marketing ManagementMarketing MixNone
Marketing ManagementEnvironments and Influences on MarketingNone
Marketing ManagementUnderstanding Customer and CompetitionNone
Marketing ManagementMarketing Information Systems and Marketing ResearchNone
Marketing ManagementUnderstanding Consumer and Industrial MarketsNone
Marketing ManagementDemand Measurement and ForecastingNone
Marketing ManagementMarket Segmentation Targeting and PositioningNone
Marketing ManagementBCG MatrixNone
Marketing ManagementProduct Life CycleNone
Marketing ManagementNew Product DevelopmentNone
Marketing ManagementBrandsConcept
Marketing ManagementBrandsBrand Building Strategies
Marketing ManagementBrandsShare Increasing Strategies
Marketing ManagementPricing Methods and StrategiesPricing Objectives
Marketing ManagementPricing Methods and StrategiesPricing Concepts
Marketing ManagementPricing Methods and StrategiesPricing Methods
Marketing ManagementProductNone
Marketing ManagementTest Marketing ConceptsNone
Marketing ManagementPromotion MixNone
Marketing ManagementAdvertisingNone
Marketing ManagementPersonal SellingNone
Marketing ManagementChannel ManagementNone
Marketing ManagementVertical Marketing SystemNone
Marketing ManagementSales PromotionMedia Planning and Management
Marketing ManagementSales PromotionTools in Sales Promotion
Marketing ManagementPromotion DecisionsEvaluation and Control of Marketing Effort
Marketing ManagementPromotion DecisionsMarketing of services
Marketing ManagementPublic RelationsNone
Marketing ManagementDistribution Channel HierarchyRole of Each Member in Channel
Marketing ManagementDistribution Channel HierarchyAnalysis of Business Potential and Evaluation of Channel Members
Marketing ManagementWholesaling and RetailingTypes and Strengths
Marketing ManagementWholesaling and RetailingIssues in Retailing in India
Marketing ManagementMarketing ResearchSources of information
Marketing ManagementMarketing ResearchData Collection
Marketing ManagementMarketing ResearchTools in Data Analysis
Marketing ManagementMarketing ResearchStructuring Research Report
Marketing ManagementMarketing to OrganizationsSegmentation Models
Marketing ManagementMarketing to OrganizationsBuyer Behaviour Model
Marketing ManagementMarketing to OrganizationsOrganizational Buying Process
Marketing ManagementConsumer BehaviourTheories and Models
Marketing ManagementConsumer BehaviourRelevance to Marketing Managers
Marketing ManagementSales FunctionsNone
Marketing ManagementCustomer Relationship ManagementNone
Marketing ManagementInternet as Marketing MediumBranding
Marketing ManagementInternet as Marketing MediumMarket development
Marketing ManagementInternet as Marketing MediumAdvertising and Retailing on Internet
Marketing ManagementInternet as Marketing MediumManagerial Issues in Reaching Consumers by Internet
Marketing ManagementStructuring and managing marketing organizationsNone
Marketing ManagementExport marketingNone
Production ManagementFacility LocationNone
Production ManagementLayout Planning and AnalysisNone
Production ManagementProduction Planning and ControlNone
Production ManagementDemand Forecasting and OperationsNone
Production ManagementDeterminants of Product MixNone
Production ManagementProduction SchedulingNone
Production ManagementWork MeasurementTime and Motion Study
Production ManagementWork MeasurementStatistical Quality Control
Operation ResearchRole and ScopeNone
Operation ResearchLinear ProgrammingNone
Operation ResearchSensitivity AnalysisNone
Operation ResearchDualityNone
Operation ResearchTransportation ModelNone
Operation ResearchInventory ControlNone
Operation ResearchQueueing TheoryNone
Operation ResearchDecision TheoryNone
Operation ResearchMarkov AnalysisNone
Operation ResearchPERT and CPMNone
StatisticsProbability TheoryNone
StatisticsProbability DistributionsBinomial
StatisticsProbability DistributionsPoison
StatisticsProbability DistributionsNormal and Exponential
StatisticsCorrelation and Regression analysisNone
StatisticsSampling TheoryNone
StatisticsSampling DistributionNone
StatisticsTests of HypothesisNone
StatisticsLarge and Small SamplesNone
Statisticst, z, F and Chi-square TestsNone
Computers and Application in ManagementComputers in Managerial ApplicationNone
Computers and Application in ManagementTechnology Issues and Data Processing in OrganizationsNone
Computers and Application in ManagementInformation SystemsNone
Computers and Application in ManagementSystem Analysis and DesignNone
Computers and Application in ManagementTrends in Information TechnologyNone
Computers and Application in ManagementInternet and Internet-based ApplicationNone
Corporate StrategyConcept of Corporate StrategyNone
Corporate StrategyComponents of Strategy FormulationNone
Corporate StrategyAnsoff՚s Growth VectorNone
Corporate StrategyBCG modelNone
Corporate StrategyPorter՚s Generic StrategiesNone
Corporate StrategyCompetitor AnalysisNone
Corporate StrategyStrategic Dimensions and Group MappingNone
Corporate StrategyIndustry AnalysisStrategies in Industry Evolution
Corporate StrategyIndustry AnalysisFragmentation
Corporate StrategyIndustry AnalysisMaturity and Decline
Corporate StrategyCompetitive Strategy and Corporate StrategyNone
Corporate StrategyTranzationalization of World EconomyManaging Cultural Diversity
Corporate StrategyTranzationalization of World EconomyGlobal Entry Strategies
Corporate StrategyTranzationalization of World EconomyGlobalization of Financial System and Services
Corporate StrategyManaging International BusinessNone
Corporate StrategyCompetitive Advantage of NationsNone
Corporate StrategyRTP and WTONone
Entrepreneurship & BusinessConcepts, Types & CharacteristicsNone
Entrepreneurship & BusinessMotivationNone
Entrepreneurship & BusinessCompetencies and its DevelopmentNone
Entrepreneurship & BusinessInnovation and EntrepreneurshipNone
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessConcepts
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessGovernment Policy to Promote Small Enterprises
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessProcess of Business Opportunity Identification
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessDetailed Business Plan Preparation
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessManaging Small Enterprises
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessPlanning for Growth
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessSickness in Small Enterprises
Entrepreneurship & BusinessSmall BusinessRehabilitation of Sick Enterprises
Entrepreneurship & BusinessIntrapreneurship (Organizational Entrepreneurship)None
Ethics and Management SystemEthical Issues in ManagementNone
Ethics and Management SystemValue-based OrganizationsNone
Ethics and Management SystemPersonal Framework for Ethical ChoicesNone
Ethics and Management SystemEthical Pressure on Individual in OrganizationsNone
Ethics and Management SystemGender IssuesNone
Ethics and Management SystemEcological ConsciousnessNone
Ethics and Management SystemEnvironmental EthicsNone
Ethics and Management SystemSocial Responsibilities of BusinessNone
Ethics and Management SystemCorporate Governance and EthicsNone
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyExport Promotion PoliciesNone
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyTrade Agreements with Other CountriesNone
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyPolicy of Export zones and Export-oriented unitsNone
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyExport IncentivesNone
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Marketing LogisticsInternational Logistical Structures
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Marketing LogisticsExport Documentation Framework
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Marketing LogisticsOrganization of Shipping services
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Marketing LogisticsChartering Practices
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Marketing LogisticsMarine Cargo Insurance
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Financial EnvironmentForeign Exchange Markets
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Financial EnvironmentDetermination of Exchange rates
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Financial EnvironmentExchange Risk Measurement
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Financial EnvironmentInternational Investments
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Financial EnvironmentInternational Capital Markets
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Financial EnvironmentInternational Credit Rating Agencies
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyWTO and Multilateral Trade AgreementsPertaining to Trade in Goods
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyWTO and Multilateral Trade AgreementsTrade in Services and TRIPS
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyWTO and Multilateral Trade AgreementsMultilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Trade BlocksNAFTA, ASEAN, SAARC, EU, WTO
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyInternational Trade BlocksDispute Settlement Mechanism
India՚s Foreign Trade and PolicyTechnology MonitoringEmerging Opportunities for Global Business
MacroeconomicsPolicy EnvironmentLiberalization, Privatization and Globalization

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