NTA (UGC)-NET: Geography MCQs (Practice_Test 11 of 118)

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  1. Which one of the following industry is known as sunrise industry?

    1. Iron and steel industry

    2. Cotton textile

    3. Information Technology

    4. None of the above

    Answer: c

  2. Santa Clara Valley in California is related to industry of

    1. Iron and steel

    2. Agro based

    3. Information Technology

    4. Marine

    Answer: c

  3. Bangalore is famous for the industry of

    1. Information technology

    2. Textile

    3. Medical equipment

    4. Glassware

    Answer: a

  4. Which city of India has been ranked the fourth best “Global hub of technological innovation” by the UN?

    1. Bangalore

    2. Chandigarh

    3. Jaipur

    4. Mohali

    Answer: a

  5. Which city has the highest number of software companies in India?

    1. Delhi

    2. Mumbai

    3. Bangalore

    4. Mohali

    Answer: c

  6. Which one of the following is an important centre of information technology in USA?

    1. Silicon valley in California

    2. Silent valley in California

    3. Stanford valley in California

    4. Termini valley in California

    Answer: a

  7. The only Software Technology Park located in which one of the following north-eastern states.

    1. Himachal Pradesh

    2. Manipur

    3. Mizoram

    4. Assam

    Answer: d

  8. Which of the following states have more than one Software Technology Park?

    1. Tamil Nadu and Kerala

    2. Karnataka and Orissa

    3. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

    4. Maharashtra and Karnataka

    Answer: d

  9. Telephones and computers are manufactured by

    1. Steel industry

    2. Aluminium industry

    3. Electronics industry

    4. Information Technology industry

    Answer: d

  10. STP is the Abbreviation of

    1. System tech park

    2. Software Technology Park

    3. State thermal plant

    4. Software Technology Picket

    Answer: b

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