NTA (UGC)-NET Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 7

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54. Granite is a very hard rock

(a) Made up of chalk and clay

(b) Made up of small granules of sand

(c) Made up of iron particles and silica

(d) Made up of small pieces of mica and quartz.

Answer: (d)

55. The most common example of extrusive rock is

(a) Pumice stone

(b) Diorite

(c) Breccia

(d) Granite.

Answer: (a)

56. Which of the following has a different parent rock?

(a) Gneiss

(b) Marble

(c) Graphite

(d) Slate

Answer: (a)

57. Which of the following is an example of calcareous sedimentary rock?

(a) Peat

(b) Gypsum

(c) Chalk

(d) Sandstone

Answer: (c)

58. Which of the following rocks is formed by cementing?

(a) Basalt

(b) Breccia

(c) Grit

(d) Shale

Answer: (b)

59. The ozone layer is the most important zone because it

(a) Absorbs ultra-violet rays

(b) Plays a dominant role in weather phenomena

(c) Has more oxygen

(d) Reflects radio waves.

Answer: (a)

60. In which layer do meteors bum up?

(a) Mesosphere

(b) Stratosphere

(c) Exosphere

(d) Ionosphere

Answer: (b)

61. Jet aircraft fly very high in stratosphere in order to escape

(a) Clouds

(b) Fogs

(c) Jet stream

(d) Strong winds.

Answer: (a)

62. In which layer of the atmosphere do quantities of radiation atoms become electrified and 'ions' act like a mirror?

(a) Ionosphere

(b) Tropopause

(c) Mesosphere

(d) Troposphere

Answer: (a)

63. One of the following said the earth was "like a blue pearl in space".

(a) Argonaut

(b) Technocrat

(c) Astronaut

(d) Astronomer

Answer: (c)

64. Samples of sea water are taken to test their salinity. Which of the following will have most salinity?

(a) Equatorial waters

(b) North Atlantic waters

(c) Mediterranean waters

(d) Japan sea

Answer: (c)

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