NTA (UGC)-NET: Library & Information Science MCQs (Practice_Test 4 of 25)

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  1. Today information is regarded as which of the following?

    1. Wealth

    2. Commodity

    3. Products

    4. All the above

    Answer: d

  2. What is the unit of information?

    1. Bit

    2. Byte

    3. Gram

    4. Hertz

    Answer: a

  3. Now a day's what is a most important vital resource for societal development of a country?

    1. Books

    2. Kowledge

    3. Information

    4. Data

    Answer: c

  4. Which Indian University first started M. Lib. Sc. & M. Phil courses

    1. University of Delhi

    2. University of Madras

    3. S. N. D. T. Women University, Bombay

    4. Aligar Muslim University

    Answer: a

  5. Which Commission recommended 10% of the total college budget for development of Libraries?

    1. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan Committee

    2. Mehrotra Committee

    3. Kothari Committee

    4. Curriculum Development Committee in LIS

    Answer: c

  6. Where did Dr. S. R. Ranganathan put forth his five laws of library science?

    1. Meenakshi College, Annamalainagar

    2. Hindu College, New Delhi

    3. City College, Bangalore

    4. Christ College, Bangalore

    Answer: a

  7. UNISIST is a

    1. Software

    2. A Programme

    3. Welfare association

    4. A committee

    Answer: b

  8. Which association's tagline is “managing information”

    1. IFLA

    2. ASLIB

    3. ALA

    4. LC

    Answer: b

  9. Which association's tagline is “connecting people and information”

    1. SLA

    2. IFLA

    3. ALA

    4. COMLA

    Answer: a

  10. Which organization has introduced the concept of “Sister libraries” for children's and young adults reading?

    1. UNESCO

    2. IFLA

    3. LC

    4. LA

    Answer: b

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