Multiple Choice Questions for Marketing Aptitude Part 4

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Q.52 Which of the following cost may be used for pricing decision?

  1. fixed cost

  2. variable cost

  3. average cost

  4. all of these

Answer: 4

Q.53 Which one of the following is not method of selling prices?

  1. cost plus pricing method

  2. marginal cost pricing method

  3. break-even-pricing method

  4. first in-first out cost method

Answer: 4

Q.54 “price policies provide the guidelines within which pricing strategy is formulated and implemented” who said it?

  1. Cundiff and still

  2. P.Kataler

  3. Scoffe

  4. All of these

Answer: 1

Q.55 Which one of the formula may be used for setting prices under plus pricing method?

  1. Selling price=Unit total cost + desired unit profit

  2. Selling price=Unit total cost + profit

  3. Selling price=Unit total cost + selling expenses

  4. None of these

Answer: 1

Q.56 Discount policies covers___

  1. Cash discount policy 2. Trade discount policy

  2. quantity discount policy

  3. all of these

Answer: 4

Q.57 An appropriate pricing policy has a positive impact on profit making and

  1. Sales realisation

  2. Controlling

  3. purchasing

  4. none of these

Answer: 1

Q.58 Which of the following is included understorey retailers?

  1. departmental store

  2. super markets

  3. discount store

  4. all of these

Answer: 1

Q.59 A departmental store offers a wide range of products in an organised fashion and is easily accessible to the___

  1. consumers

  2. firm

  3. governments

  4. suppliers

Answer: 1

Q.60 Super markets are retail stores which handle relatively a large volume of goods and services at____ cost, high margin principle of retailing.

  1. high cost

  2. low cost

  3. no profit-no loss

  4. none

Answer: 2

Q.61 The catlog stores is new generation super stores which deal with a variety of goods and services of

  1. low range

  2. wide range

  3. firm

  4. none of these

Answer: 2

Q.62 The exclusive stores involves___

  1. Single line store

  2. Limited line stores

  3. Super speciality stores

  4. All of these

Answer: 4

Q.63 Which of the following is included understorey retailers?

  1. superstore

  2. hyper markets

  3. convenience store

  4. all of these

Q.64 The advantage of a high profit under the value pricing approach is ____ in the long run when there is a consumer segmentation for the product with a high recognition.

  1. anticipated

  2. inspired

  3. motivated

  4. oriented

Answer: 1

Q.65 Advertising is an instrument ____ which is applied in practice both as a science and an art generated by creative devices.

  1. Marketing

  2. Firm

  3. Salesmen

  4. All of these

Answer: 1

Q.66 The environmental factors of advertising are

  1. social and cultural factors

  2. legal factors

  3. economic factors

  4. all of these

Answer: 4

Q.67 Which of the following functions covers under advertising classification?

  1. product advertising

  2. primary advertising

  3. selective advertising

  4. all of these

Answer: 1

Q.68 Which cost are known as periodical cost?

  1. fixed cost

  2. total cost

  3. variable cost

  4. sunk cost

  5. all

Answer: 1

Q.69 The process of advertising in business begins with market situation analysis conducted to assess the marketing ___ for the product in the existing state of business in the market

  1. opportunities

  2. accessibility

  3. difficulty

  4. functioning

Answer: 1

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