NTA NET Paper 1 Important Questions to Practice Covers Research and Teaching Aptitude, DI and Reasoning Part 3

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30. Study the following diagram to answer the question.

The Diagram

A) Universal affirmative

B) Particular negative

C) Universal negative

D) No conclusion derives

31. Study the diagram below:

The Diagram

Triangle = women in village

Square = unemployed women

Circle = educated women

What does letter D represent?

A) Uneducated women in village

B) Unemployed women in village

C) Educated unemployed women

D) Educated employed women

32. Look carefully at the sequence of symbol to find the pattern. Select the correct pattern.

Sequence of Symbol
Sequence of Symbol

33. In the following figure, find the number of triangles.

Number of Triangles

A) 16

B) 13

C) 19

D) 7

34. Find the number of triangles in the given figure.

Number of Triangles

A) 15

B) 16

C) 17

D) 18

35. What is the number of rectangles in the following figure?

Number of Rectangles

A) 6

B) 7

C) 9

D) 11

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