Important for Exam: Paper 1 Important Questions December 2008

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Q. Logical reasoning is based on:

(A) Truth of involved propositions

(B) Valid relation among the involved propositions

(C) Employment of symbolic language

(D) Employment of ordinary language

Answer: (B)

Q. Two propositions with the same subject and predicate terms but different in quality are:

(A) Contradictory

(B) Contrary

(C) Subaltern

(D) Identical

Answer: (C)

Q. The premises of a valid deductive argument:

(A) Provide some evidence for its conclusion

(B) provide no evidence for its conclusion

(C) Are irrelevant for its conclusion

(D) Provide conclusive evidence for its conclusion

Answer: (D)

Q. Syllogistic reasoning is:

(A) Deductive

(B) Inductive

(C) Experimental

(D) Hypothetical

Answer: (A)

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