Important for Exam: Paper-1 Important Questions June 2009

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Q. In a deductive argument conclusion is:

(A) Summing up of the premises

(B) Not necessarily based on premises

(C) Entailed by the premises

(D) Additional to the premises

Answer: (C)

Q. ‘No man is mortal’ is contradictory of:

(A) Some man is mortal

(B) Some man is not mortal

(C) All man is mortal

(D) No mortal is man

Answer: (A)

Q. A deductive argument is valid if:

(A) premises are false and conclusion true

(B) premises are false, and conclusion is also false

(C) premises are true, and conclusion is false

(D) premises are true, and conclusion is true

Answer: (D)

Q. Structure of logical argument is based on:

(A) Formal validity

(B) Material truth

(C) Linguistic Expression

(D) Aptness of examples

Answer: (A)

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