NTA UGC-NET Communication Questions (Part 2 of 3)

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  1. A student helps a teacher to solve the problem while the teacher was delivering the lecture. He was

    1. an emphatic listener

    2. an evaluative listener

    3. a realistic listener

    4. an informational listener

    Answer: a

  2. The process of communication enhances through:

    1. belongingness

    2. security and freedom to make choices

    3. informality of meeting and avoidance of pressure

    4. all ofthese

    Answer: d

  3. Software computer can not be used

    1. for demonstration

    2. for reading and writing

    3. as a systematic programmed learning techniques

    4. as a machine for evaluating students progress

    Answer: a

  4. Which of the following can not be a good way of communication in promoting literacy among villagers?

    1. Demonstration

    2. Reading and writing

    3. providing material on TV and film projector

    4. Large group discussion

    Answer: b

  5. All are the examples of the media of two way communication except

    1. public meeting

    2. padyatra

    3. streetplays

    4. procession and rallies

    Answer: c

  6. The latest development in the hardware technology is the introduction of

    1. FM channels

    2. Z channels

    3. M channels

    4. Star channel

    Answer: a

  7. CHEER stand for

    1. Children Enrichment Education Through Radio

    2. Child Health Education Electronic Recording

    3. Children for Engineers and Energy Requirement

    4. None of the above

    Answer: a

  8. Educational TV was first introduced in India in

    1. 1961

    2. 1959

    3. 1968

    4. 1961

    Answer: b

  9. SITE stands for

    1. System for International Technology and Engineering

    2. Satellite Instructional Television Experiment

    3. South Indian Trade Estate

    4. None ofthese

    Answer: b

  10. Visualization in the instructional process can not increase

    1. interest and motivation

    2. retention and adaptation

    3. stress and boredom

    4. curiosity and concentration

    Answer: c

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