NTA UGC-NET Environment Questions (Part 4 of 14)

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  1. When does the moon come between the sun and the earth?

    1. Lunareclipse

    2. Solar eclipse

    3. Sidereal day

    4. Full moon day

    Answer: b

  2. The latitude of a place is expressed by its angular distance in relation to:

    1. Equator

    2. South Pole

    3. Axis of the Earth

    4. North Pole

    Answer: a

  3. The southern tip of India is:

    1. Cape Comorin

    2. Point Cali mere

    3. Indira Point in Nicobar Islands

    4. Kovalam in Trivandrum

    Answer: c

  4. During winter, the northern half of India is warmer than areas of similar latitudinal location by 30 to 80 because:

    1. India is essentially a tropical country

    2. The surface wind blows in a particular direction in one season

    3. The Great Himalayas check the penetration of cold polar air into India effectively.

    4. Df winter rains

    Answer: c

  5. Turpentine oil used III medicine is obtained from:

    1. Acacia

    2. Chir pin

    3. Myrobalans

    4. Kusum

    Answer: b

  6. Which country IS known for the most frequent earthquakes?

    1. Italy

    2. Japan

    3. China

    4. Iran

    Answer: b

  7. In determining the Indian climate, major role played by Himalayas is/are:

    1. The east-west extension of the GreatHimalayas does not permit the summer monsoon to cross it and thus keeps its sojourn restricted to India

    2. The direct the summer monsoon towards the north-west

    3. During the winter they stop the southward penetration of the cold and dry polar air

    4. All of the above

    Answer: d

  8. Which river is flowing near Ayodhya?

    1. Ganga

    2. Yamuna

    3. Saryu

    4. Krishna

    Answer: c

  9. Which of the following is cold stream?

    1. Curasia

    2. Labrador

    3. Gulf of Stream

    4. Hakuna Hatata

    Answer: b

  10. High velds are the temperate grasslands of:

    1. Africa

    2. South Australia

    3. Europe and Asia

    4. SouthAmerica

    Answer: a

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