NTA UGC-NET Governance Questions (Part 12 of 13)

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  1. The Lok Sabha secretariat comes under the control of

    1. Ministry of Home Affairs

    2. Speaker of the Lok Sabha

    3. Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

    4. Prime Minister

    Answer: c

  2. Who appoints the comptroller and Auditor-Generaloflnwa?

    1. The UPSC

    2. The President

    3. The Prime Minister

    4. The Parliament

    Answer: b

  3. In case of absence of President and VicePresident, which of the follow ing acts as the president of country.

    1. Prime Minister

    2. SpeakerofLokSabha

    3. Chief Justice of India

    4. Leader of opposition

    Answer: c

  4. A bill becomes a law when

    1. Both Houses of Parliament approve it by requisite majority

    2. The Council of Ministers approves it

    3. The President gives his assent

    4. The Supreme Court upholds its constitutional validity

    Answer: c

  5. Who examines the report of the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India after it is laid before Parliament?

    1. Lok Sabha Speaker

    2. Estimates Committee

    3. Public Accounts Committee

    4. None of the above

    Answer: c

  6. Consider the following statements regarding the Governor of a state in India. Which of the above statements are correct?

    1. To be appointed as Governor, one should have completed the age of 45 years

    2. The Governor holds the office during the pleasure of the President

    3. After completing five years in office. The Governor cannot continue to hold the office even when his successor has not entered upon his office

    4. The executive power of the state is vested in the Governor

    Answer: d

  7. Which of the following subjects does not belong to the Union List?

    1. Atomic Energy

    2. War and Peace

    3. Post office Savings Bank

    4. Public Health and Sanitation

    Answer: d

  8. The Chairman and the members of State Public Service Commission are appointed by the

    1. President

    2. Governor

    3. Chairman of UPSC

    4. Prime Minister

    Answer: b

  9. In which of the following states was the Panchayati Raj first introduced?

    1. Rajasthan

    2. Gujarat

    3. Uttar Pradesh

    4. Bihar

    Answer: a

  10. How many members of the Anglo-Indian community can be nominated to the Lok Sabha by the President?

    1. 2

    2. 5

    3. 10

    4. 12

    Answer: a

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