NTA UGC-NET Governance Questions (Part 4 of 13)

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  1. Out of the following, in which lesson, a geneal rule is explained first and then, knowledge is accumulated on the basis of that rule?

    1. Deductive lesson

    2. Inductive lesson

    3. Developing lesson

    4. Knowledge lesson

    Answer: a

  2. For knowledge lessons

    1. Glover's Scheme is used

    2. Herbart's five-stage system is used

    3. Garry's scheme is used

    4. none of these

    Answer: b

  3. The project education method of teaching is associated with

    1. Rousseau

    2. Frobel

    3. Dewey

    4. Armstrong

    Answer: c

  4. This methodology trains the child to search for facts, rules and principles by his own efforts, organise the set of knowledge gained and delineate general rules. n The aforementioned statement is about the following metho, dology of teaching

    1. Montessori

    2. Kindergarten

    3. Heuristic

    4. Play-way

    Answer: c

  5. In the project education technique, the work load on the teacher is

    1. very high

    2. comparatively low

    3. low

    4. nil

    Answer: a

  6. In Garry's Plan

    1. work is important

    2. play is important

    3. learning is important

    4. all these three have equal importance

    Answer: d

  7. Under the Wennetka Plan

    1. the diversity of inte rests of the students is recognised

    2. the diversities of abilities are accepted

    3. the diversities of needs are accepted

    4. all of these are recognised

    Answer: d

  8. The Dalton Scheme of education is useful for which ones of the following?

    1. For infants

    2. For little children

    3. For older children

    4. For all of these

    Answer: c

  9. Why do you not support the five-stage method of Herbart?

    1. In this, there is no scope for the individual diversity of students

    2. Under this, it is difficult to make coordination between various subjects

    3. Under this, generalisa tion is not required to be done while teaching subjects like language, history, geography etc.

    4. all ofthese

    Answer: d

  10. In the school, provisions must be made for free and natural expressions of a child. Who give this statement?

    1. T Remont

    2. Ryeburn

    3. Montessori

    4. Lyndon

    Answer: c

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