NTA UGC-NET Governance Questions (Part 5 of 13)

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  1. According to Dewry, education is a

    1. Social need

    2. Personal need

    3. Psychological need

    4. theoretical need

    Answer: a

  2. In the context of education, some views of Gandhiji have been appended below. Which one of them is incorrect?

    1. In education, experimentation, work and research must be given due places

    2. Education must be self-dependent

    3. Literacy is education

    4. Education must be such as to develop all the powers and inherent qualities of children

    Answer: c

  3. Who is known as the father of educational psychology?

    1. Pestology

    2. Herbart

    3. Devy

    4. Spencer

    Answer: c

  4. “There should be no difference between the words and deeds of a teacher.” who gave this statement?

    1. Mcckennan

    2. John Locke

    3. Rousseau

    4. Aristotle

    Answer: a

  5. Who gave the principle of “pupil activity?”

    1. Rousseau

    2. Handezrson

    3. Comenius

    4. Binet

    Answer: d

  6. Personalised System of education

    1. does not inculcate a feeling of socialisation in students

    2. does not inculcate a leeling of competition in students

    3. leads to wastage of time and energy

    4. all of these are true

    Answer: d

  7. The educational system of today promotes “educated unemployment” The reason is that

    1. education gives theoretical knowledge only

    2. professional education is not a part of education

    3. the objective of education is not vivid

    4. all of these

    Answer: b

  8. The teacher ought to know about the problems prevalent in the field of education. The reason is that

    1. only a teacher can do something about solving them

    2. he can tell about the same to another teacher

    3. teachers can tell the government about it

    4. with this knowledge, the teacher can have information about education

    Answer: a

  9. In the wake of serious shortages of resources and rising population of our nation, you have the following views about the programmes for improving the standards of education (under the aegis of national policy of education).

    1. They are impractical

    2. They are courageous and laudable efforts

    3. They are new forms of traditional programmes

    4. They increase the workload of teachers

    Answer: b

  10. In your view, arrangement for “education on'environment” in the school

    1. is important for creating an awareness among students about the environment

    2. is likely to put more burden on students

    3. is a mode of e nte rtainment for students

    4. is like giving work to teachers

    Answer: a

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