NTA UGC-NET Governance Questions (Part 6 of 13)

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  1. In the school, “education on environment” can be imparted by

    1. lectures

    2. articles

    3. sports

    4. adopting it ourselves

    Answer: d

  2. The major objective of education is

    1. reforming the society

    2. making Students discipline

    3. developing inherent abilities of powers of students

    4. making students followers of teachers

    Answer: c

  3. Adult education should be under the authority of the following

    1. The government

    2. Non government organisations

    3. Educated persons

    4. All of these

    Answer: b

  4. Education not only conserves the culture of a nation, but also it

    1. makes the latter rich

    2. defines the latter

    3. makes the latter spiritual

    4. makes the latter mass-oriented and popular

    Answer: a

  5. Indian Institute of Advanced studies is located in

    1. Shimla

    2. Solan

    3. Dharmshala

    4. Chandigarh

    Answer: a

  6. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is located in

    1. Lucknow

    2. Delhi

    3. Mumbai

    4. Chennai

    Answer: b

  7. NASA is the name of space agency of __

    1. Netherlands

    2. Britain

    3. America

    4. India

    Answer: c

  8. National Defence Academy (NDA) is situated at

    1. Kharadwasla (Pune)

    2. Dehradun

    3. Allahabad

    4. Chennai

    Answer: a

  9. Air Force Administrative College is situated in

    1. Hyderabad

    2. Coimbatore

    3. Bidar

    4. Agra

    Answer: b

  10. How many Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) are there in India?

    1. Eight

    2. Four

    3. Six

    4. Three

    Answer: a

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