NTA UGC-NET Governance Questions (Part 8 of 13)

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  1. Immediate feedback is an essential characteristic of:

    1. team teaching

    2. teaching machines

    3. the Dalton Plan

    4. the project method

    Answer: b

  2. The most accurate statement about teaching machines is that:

    1. B F Skinner began the movement for their use

    2. they were designed as an economy measure to replace teachers

    3. they are not as efficient as teachers in reinforcing responses

    4. they can be used for all learning programmes

    Answer: a

  3. A set of test papers from a class of 29 students has been arranged in order from the highest to the lowest scores. The mark on the fifteenth paper is known as the:

    1. median

    2. mean

    3. mcxle

    4. norm

    Answer: a

  4. In a class 01 ten pupils the grades in a spelling test were: 97 − 97 − 97 − 92 − 92 − 85 − 76 − 73 − 65 − 60. The mode ofthose scores is:

    1. 92

    2. 97

    3. 97 minus 60 divided by 2

    4. the sum of the scores divided by 10

    Answer: b

  5. Of the following objectives of an elementary music programme, the one of lowest priority is:

    1. to expose children to variety of musical compositions

    2. to prepare children for wise use of leisure time

    3. to develop a group of performers for the holiday assemblies

    4. to provide children with emotional outlets

    Answer: c

  6. A culturally disadvantaged child is best served by the school system that:

    1. places himlher in a class with other culturally disadvantaged children

    2. gives himlher an annual intelligence test

    3. trains teachers to understand hislher impoverished home background

    4. assesses his/her strengths and needs and provide for an individualized learning plan

    Answer: d

  7. Recreational reading should be:

    1. reserved for the school library period

    2. assigned as homework

    3. a responsibility of the home, not the school

    4. an integral part of the language arts curriculum

    Answer: d

  8. Of the following intelligence tests, the one which is individually administered is the:

    1. Wise

    2. Pintner-Cunningham Primary

    3. Army Alpha

    4. Kuhlman-Anderson

    Answer: a

  9. With regard to readiness to read, all of these statements-are true except that:

    1. some psychologists believe that a child is not ready to begin reading until hel she has achieved a mental age of about six years

    2. a strong desire to read is a determining factor

    3. a reading readiness programme may begin for some children in kindergarten

    4. physical maturation is a crucial factor

    Answer: d

  10. All of the following tend to erode local control of education in favour of national control, except the:

    1. National Science Foundation

    2. National Institute of Mental Health

    3. College Entrance Examination Board

    4. National Defence Education Act

    Answer: b

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