NTA UGC-NET Governance Questions (Part 9 of 13)

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  1. When Jeewan receives his failing test mark, he tells the teacher, “You don't like me.” This is an example of:

    1. identification

    2. transference

    3. egocentrism

    4. projection

    Answer: d

  2. With respect to the development of skills, all of the following are correct except that:

    1. pupils of the same mental age should learn at the same rate

    2. group instruction facilitates the learning process

    3. individual instruction is often required

    4. workbooks can be an invaluable learning aid

    Answer: a

  3. If you were reading a series of articles about the teaching of reading, you would expect to be reading an article by:

    1. Paul McKee

    2. Albert Harris

    3. Arthur Gates

    4. Frank Reissman

    Answer: d

  4. A student fails a test for which he did not study. By describing his failure to the fact that the teacher does not like him he is utilizing:

    1. conversion

    2. sympathism

    3. rationalization

    4. compensation

    Answer: c

  5. Of the following learning theories, the one that embodies the idea that learning takes place through insight is known as:

    1. Gestalt

    2. stimulus-response

    3. connectionist

    4. pragmatic

    Answer: a

  6. The pair of terms incorrectly associated is:

    1. IQ-relationship between MA and CA

    2. validity-measure of consistency In testing

    3. inkblot-projective testing

    4. median-the middle score

    Answer: b

  7. Of the following, the author of a widely used intelligence test is:

    1. David Wechsler

    2. B F Skinner

    3. William Cruikshank

    4. Bruno Bettelheim

    Answer: a

  8. The project method of teaching is best associated with the philosophy of:

    1. John Dewey

    2. Max Rafferty

    3. Robert Hutchins

    4. B F Skinner

    Answer: a

  9. Overlearning tend& to strengthen an individual's:

    1. powers of retention

    2. endurance

    3. feeling of boredom

    4. motivation

    Answer: a

  10. “School is life, not a preparation for life.” This statement summarizes one important aspect of the educational philosophy of:

    1. John Dewey

    2. RobertHutchins

    3. Mortimer Adler

    4. SI Hayakawa

    Answer: a

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