NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Questions (Part 14 of 30)

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  1. Which of the following is not a research method?

    1. Philosophy

    2. Observation

    3. Interview

    4. Discussion

  2. Research can be grouped as the following kinds, except (options gave types of research)

    1. Action method

    2. Philosophical & historical method

    3. Introspection

    4. Analytical methods

  3. What is necessary to become a researcher?

    1. A post-graduation degree

    2. Analytical and reasoning mind

    3. Discipline

    4. Hard Work

  4. Which of the following is am not instructional tool?

    1. Overhead projector

    2. Transparency

    3. Cassette

    4. Printed material

  5. Which of the following about lecture method is not correct?

    1. It is passive

    2. It can give knowledge

    3. It can develop reasoning

    4. It is a one way process

  6. What is the aim of higher education; to enable students to?

    1. Take decisions

    2. Pass exams

    3. Ask questions in lecture

    4. To make career

  7. Which of the following is incorrect?

    1. Sharmila Tagore is the Chairperson of National Films Development Corporation

    2. Preity Zinta, Yash Chopra are recipients of Dada Sahib Phalke award

    3. Yash Chopra is a member of Certification Board

    4. Hema Malini is the Chairperson of Children's Film Society of India

  8. Which of the following statements about computers is correct:

    1. Fast and accurate processing of qualitative and qualitative data

    2. Processing quantitative data only

    3. Processing qualitative data only

    4. Processing images

  9. “Because you deserve to know” is the punch-line of which newspaper?

    1. The Hindu

    2. The Times of India

    3. The Indian Express

    4. The Hindustan Times

  10. Which Article of the Constitution of India protects the rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their own choice?

    1. Article 29

    2. Article 26

    3. Article 30

    4. Article 46

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