NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Questions (Part 23 of 30)

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  1. Characteristics of all formal and informal communication are:

    1. same

    2. Unstructured

    3. Structured

    4. Different

    Answer: a

  2. Which of the following is not “essential” for communicating a research work?

    1. Command over language

    2. Statement of objective

    3. Conclusions drawn

    4. Procedure followed

    Answer: d

  3. Successful communicator in a class is:

    1. circular

    2. Reciprocal

    3. directional

    4. influential

    Answer: b

  4. A good communicator needs to be good at:

    1. Listening

    2. Speaking

    3. Using language

    4. Witty

    Answer: c

  5. Which step should a communicator take as the starting point?

    1. Select the channels of communication

    2. Set up feedback process

    3. Specify the objectives of communication

    4. Identify the tools of communication

    Answer: c

  6. Which group of communication aspects does not distort the communication process in the class?

    1. Reversing-evaluation-focusing

    2. Evaluating-focusing-illustrating

    3. Evaluating-focusing-exaggerating

    4. focusing-illustrating-exaggerate

    Answer: b

  7. The best way to ensure that what a person has communicated has reached I receiver is:

    1. To use simple words

    2. To communicate when there is no disturbance

    3. To communicate when the receiver is attentive

    4. To ask the receiver to tell what they have received

    Answer: d

  8. An effective communication does NOT require:

    1. Change in speech pattern

    2. Appropriate gestures

    3. Mastery of content

    4. Handsome personality

    Answer: d

  9. An effective communication in a lecture if the teacher:

    1. Reads from prepared notes

    2. Uses his notes as a guide

    3. Talks extempore

    4. Uses examples from other disciplines

    Answer: b

  10. An effective communication system employs a feedback mechanism in on

    1. Make the necessary modification in the process

    2. Understand more about the content

    3. Find faults with the teacher

    4. Find faults with the student

    Answer: a

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