NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Questions (Part 27 of 30)

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  1. If some students fail in the examination it is the fault of

    1. The teacher

    2. the principal

    3. Pupils themselves

    4. text books

    Answer: c

  2. A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of his students should

    1. evaluate his teaching method and improve it

    2. Resign from the post

    3. Find fault in his pupils

    4. Start dietating

    Answer: a

  3. All are the components of listening except

    1. Hearing

    2. Attending-being attentive

    3. Answering

    4. Understanding and remembering

    Answer: c

  4. Listening is badly affected by

    1. Message overload-excess of listened material

    2. High speed of speaking

    3. Sizable hearing loss-physiological problem

    4. all of the above

    Answer: d

  5. the most important aspect of communication-listening, can be improved by

    1. Making the attention fully paid

    2. Making the communicated material interesting and need based

    3. Making voice effective and impressive

    4. all of these

    Answer: d

  6. Listening to a lecture is

    1. Informational listening

    2. Evaluative listening

    3. Emphatic listening

    4. None of these

    Answer: b

  7. The main purpose of evaluative listening is

    1. To accept or reject an idea given to the listener

    2. To evaluate the speaker's credibility and personality

    3. Both of above

    4. None of these

    Answer: a

  8. According to Francis Gallon, heredity does not go to immediate parents but to remote ancestors Only 50% of the heredity is due to

    1. Parents

    2. Great grand parents

    3. Grand parents

    4. None of the above

    Answer: a

  9. The per capital income of India from 1950 to 1990 is four times. This study is

    1. social

    2. Factorial

    3. Longitudinal

    4. horizontal

    Answer: c

  10. Suggestion helps in the development of information, moral behavior, aesthetic sense and character traits, Which of the following is the chief source of suggestions which mould his life?

    1. Teachers

    2. Pupils of same age

    3. Elders

    4. None of the above

    Answer: a

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