NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Questions (Part 29 of 30)

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  1. The primary task of a teacher is

    1. To teach the prescribed curriculum

    2. To stimulate and guide student's learning

    3. To provide diagnostic and remedial aid wherever desired

    4. To promote habits of conformity to adult demands and expectations

    Answer: b

  2. As a new teacher the first professional responsibility you must meet is to

    1. Change the curriculum in the light of your training

    2. Co-operate with your fellow teacher inspite of differences

    3. Ascertain and follow the procedures of your predecessor

    4. None of the above

    Answer: b

  3. A teacher can establish rapport with his class by

    1. Becoming a figure of authority

    2. Impressing students with knowledge and skill

    3. Playing the role of a guide who desires to help him

    4. Becoming a friend to the pupils

    Answer: c

  4. If students are not able to follow, you should

    1. Give them prompt explanation

    2. Make the matter easy

    3. Illustrate with examples

    4. all of the above

    Answer: d

  5. Micro teaching is useful to students of

    1. primary classes only

    2. Junior classes only

    3. 10 + 2 classes only

    4. Higher classes and primary classes both

    Answer: d

  6. If remarks are passed by students on you, as a teacher, you will

    1. Punish them

    2. Expel them from the college

    3. Take revenge while evaluating internal test copies

    4. Be impartial at the time of evaluation

    Answer: d

  7. Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through

    1. Lecture method

    2. Discussions method

    3. Textbook method

    4. Audio-visual aids

    Answer: b

  8. Which of the following cannot be a good way of communication in promoting literacy among villagers?

    1. Demonstration

    2. Reading and writing

    3. Providing material on TV and film projector

    4. Large group discussion

    Answer: b

  9. All are the examples of the media of two-way communication except

    1. Public meeting

    2. adytra

    3. Street plays

    4. Procession and rallies

    Answer: b

  10. The latest development in the hardware technology is the introduction of

    1. FM channels

    2. Channels

    3. M channels

    4. Star channel

    Answer: a

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