NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Questions (Part 8 of 30)

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  1. Informal communication network within the organization is known as

    1. Interpersonal communication

    2. Intrapersonal communication

    3. Mass communication

    4. Grapevine communication

  2. TV Channel launched for covering only Engineering and Technology subjects is known as

    1. Gyan Darshan

    2. Vyas

    3. Eklavya

    4. Kisan

  3. In which state the maximum number of periodicals are brought out for public information:

    1. Uttar Pradesh

    2. Tamil Nadu

    3. Kerala

    4. Punjab

  4. The main objective of public broadcasting system i.e.. Prasar Bharti is

    1. Inform, Entertainment & Education

    2. Entertain, Information & Interaction

    3. Educate, Interact & Entertain

    4. Entertainment only

  5. The competency of an effective communicator can be judged on the basis of:

    1. Personality of communicator

    2. Experience in the field

    3. Interactivity with target audience

    4. Meeting the needs of target audience

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