NTA UGC-NET Teaching Aptitude Questions (Part 3 of 7)

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  1. The main role of education according to Plato was

    1. to develop the power of contemplation

    2. to develop the personality of each individual

    3. to strengthen the state

    4. All of the above

    Answer: a

  2. Teachers should study educational philosophy because

    1. they do not know it

    2. they do not have their own philosophy

    3. philosophy is the backbone of all disciplines

    4. they may improve their work by clarifying their own philosophy

    Answer: d

  3. Kindergarten (KG) system of education means garden of small kids; which IS indebted to

    1. Dewey

    2. Froebel

    3. Plato

    4. Spencer

    Answer: b

  4. John Locke's phrase oftabula rasa means

    1. Tal and Ras

    2. free education

    3. mind its is a result ofthe process of evolution

    4. All of the above

    Answer: c

  5. A democratic society is one which

    1. follows the principles of equality, free dom, fraternity and justice

    2. respects the enlightened individuals

    3. believes in equal educational opportunity

    4. All of the above

    Answer: d

  6. An effective teacher adopts the norms of the

    1. democratic society

    2. leizes faire society

    3. autocratic society

    4. all of the above according to the situation

    Answer: a

  7. While dealing with juvenile delinquents a teacher should

    1. play them with filthy sex jokes

    2. talk with them frankly and guide and channelize their potentialities in constructive ways

    3. complain to the principal against them

    4. none ofthe above

    Answer: b

  8. TV is superior to radio as teaching aid because it

    1. is costly

    2. invites two senses hearing and vision simultaneously leading to more accurate form of learning

    3. is generally liked by pupils

    4. all of the above

    Answer: b

  9. The major responsibility with which the school personnels have been entrusted is that

    1. it harmonizes the needs of th~ child and demands of the society for the benefit of both

    2. it makes the child able to get job

    3. it prepares the school programme according to the need of the child

    4. all of the above

    Answer: a

  10. The best educational programme is one which is according to the

    1. need of the child

    2. ability of the child

    3. interest of child

    4. all of these along with the need ofthe society

    Answer: d