NTA UGC-NET Teaching Aptitude Questions (Part 7 of 7)

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  1. If a girl student requests you to collect her posts at your address what would you like to do in this case?

    1. You would not gIve permission as it is against your own principles

    2. You will never give her your own address suspecting a foul game

    3. You will permit the girl to collect the posts at your address because as a teacher you should do it

    4. You will permit her because you have some attachment with her

    Answer: a

  2. Suppose you are teaching in a minority-college where casteism and narrow mindedness victimize you, for better adjustment there you should

    1. uplift the humanistic values beyond these narrow wall and develop scientific temper in your students

    2. be submissive there and save your job at all costs

    3. rebel against such attitudes as it is against the norms of the Indian society

    4. none ofthe above

    Answer: a

  3. If a high caste teacher adopts a discriminatory attitude toward a low caste students his behaviour is

    1. correct according to his religion

    2. against the national spirit, and need of the hour

    3. not against the constitutional provisions

    4. not against the code of teacher's professionalism of UNESCO

    Answer: b

  4. If a student is-constantly rubbing his eyes and is unattentive during blackboard work he is having

    1. adjustment problem

    2. hearing problem

    3. visual problem

    4. all of the above

    Answer: c

  5. If you are irritated and show rashness because of the inadequate behaviours shown by others what do you think about your own behaviour

    1. it is justified because behaviours are echo lime

    2. your behaviour is not good because elders have the right to qehave you in this way

    3. your behaviour is also the sign of maladjustment and so try to control youself when you are maltreated

    4. none of these

    Answer: c

  6. Suppose the teachers are busy in cracking

    1. persuade them decently not to waste

    2. live in isolation or change the group filthy jokes and you are also there but you

    3. instruct them to mind their language are unable to stop them you should while passing leisure time

    4. be critical and remind them for the their time-in-fifthy jokes nobility of their jobs

    Answer: a