Important for Exam: Paper 1 Important Questions December 2013

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Q. If two propositions having the same subject and predicate terms are such that one is the denial of the other, the relationship between them is called

(A) Contradictory

(B) Contrary

(C) Sub – contrary

(D) Sub – alteration

Answer: (A)

Q. A stipulative definition may be said to be

(A) Always true

(B) Always false

(C) Sometimes true, sometimes false

(D) Neither true nor false.

Answer: (D)

Q. When the conclusion of an argument follows from its premise/premises conclusively, the argument is called

(A) Circular argument

(B) Inductive argument

(C) Deductive argument

(D) Analogical argument

Answer: (C)

Q. Saturn and Mars are planets like the earth. They borrow light from the Sun and moves around the sun as the Earth does. So those planets are inhabited by various orders of creatures as the earth is

What type of argument is contained in the above passage?

(A) Deductive

(B) Astrological

(C) Analogical

(D) Mathematical

Answer: (C)

Q. Given below are two premises. Four conclusions are drawn from those two premises in four codes. Select the code that states the conclusion validly drawn.


(i) All saints are religious. (major)

(ii) Some honest persons are saints. (minor)

(A) All saints are honest

(B) Some saints are honest.

(C) Some honest persons are religious.

(D) All religious persons are honest

Answer: (C)