Important for Exam: Paper 1 Important Questions December 2014

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Q. Warrior is related to sword, carpenter is related to saw, farmer is related to plough. In the same way, the author is related to

(A) Book

(B) Fame

(C) Reader

(D) Pen

Answer: (D)

Q. “A man ought no more to value himself for being wiser than a woman if he owes his advantage to a better education, then he ought to boast of his courage for beating a man when his hands were tied.” The above passage is an instance of

(A) Deductive argument

(B) Hypothetical argument

(C) Analogical argument

(D) Factual argument

Answer: (C)

Q. BY which of the following proposition, the proposition “wise men are hardly afraid of death” is contradicted?

(A) Some wise men are afraid of death.

(B) All wise men are afraid of death.

(C) No wise men are afraid of death.

(D) Some wise men are not afraid of death.

Answer: (B)

Q. When in a group of propositions, one proposition is claimed to follow the others, that group of propositions is called

(A) An argument

(B) A valid argument

(C) An explanation

(D) An invalid argument

Answer: (A)