Important for Exam: Paper-1 Important Questions June 2014

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Q. “If a large diamond is cut up into little bits it will lose its value just as an army is divided up into small units of soldiers. It loses its strength.” The argument put above may be called as

(A) Analogical

(B) Deductive

(C) Statistical

(D) Casual

Answer: (A)

Q. Given below are some characteristics of logical argument. Select the code which expresses a characteristic which is not of inductive in character.

(A) The conclusion is claimed to follow from its premises.

(B) The conclusion is based on causal relation.

(C) The conclusion conclusively follows from its premises.

(D) The conclusion is based on observation and experiment

Answer: (C)

Q. If two propositions having the same subject and predicate terms can both be true, but cannot both be false, the relation between those two propositions is called

(A) contradictory

(B) contrary

(C) sub contrary

(D) subaltern

Answer: (C)

Q. Given below are two premises and four conclusions drawn from those premises. Select the code that expresses conclusion drawn validly from the premises (separately or jointly)


(a) All dogs are mammals.

(b) No cats are dogs.


(i) No cats are mammals

(ii) Some cats are mammals

(iii) No Dogs are cats

(iv) No dogs are non – mammals.

(A) (i) only

(B) (i) and (ii)

(C) (iii) and (iv)

(D) (ii) and (iii)

Answer: (C)

Q. Consider the statement which ls followed by two arguments (i) and (ii) .

Statement: India should have a very strong and powerful Lokpal.


(i) Yes, it will go a long in eliminating corruption in bureaucracy.

(ii) No; it will discourage honest officers from making quick decisions.

(A) Only argument (i) is strong.

(B) Only argument (ii) is strong.

(C) Both the arguments are strong.

(D) Neither of the arguments is strong.

Answer: (A)