Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 11

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Renewable Energy in India - Targets 2022

Q. Which of the elements is essential for animals but not in plants?

A) Potassium

B) Iodine

C) Calcium

D) Phosphorus

Answer: C

Q. If a person replies like “I see” or ‘mm-hmm’ then it is known as

A) positive feedback

B) negative feedback

C) ambiguous feedback

D) None of these

Answer: C

Q. According to Berlo, Communication has how many elements?

A) 4

B) 3

C) 6

D) 5

Answer: Option A) 4

Q. Team teaching has the potential to develop:

A) Competitive spirit

B) Cooperation

C) The habit of supplementing the teaching of each other

D) Highlighting the gaps in each other՚s teaching

Answer: Option C) The habit of supplementing the teaching of each other

Q. The most common cause of nervous instability amongst teacher is

A) Worry

B) Fatigue

C) Quarrelsome behavior

D) all of the above

Answer: A

Q. A big contains an equal number of one rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins. If the total amount in the bag is 35, how many coins of each type are there?

A) 15

B) 18

C) 20

D) 25

Answer: C

Q. Communication word is derived from a verb of which language?

A) Latin

B) French

C) German

D) Italian

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following Satellites helps to telecast T. V. Network Programmes all over the country?

A) Apple

B) Aryabhatta

C) Rohini


Answer: C

Q. Dhunaram Thermal Power Project is situated in

A) Maharashtra

B) Jharkhand

C) Gujarat

D) Andhra Pradesh

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following statement is NOT correct?

A) Computer is capable of processing only digital signal.

B) Computer is capable of analysing both quantitative and qualitative data.

C) Appropriate software is required for processing the data

D) Computer is capable of processing digital as well as analog signals

Answer: D

Q. In any discipline, theories and observables (related experimental results)

A) should complement each other

B) often more than not should contradict each other

C) need not have anything to do with each other

D) should compensate each other

Answer: A

Q. A research problem is not feasible only when

A) it is researchable

B) it is new and adds something to knowledge

C) it consists of independent and dependent variables

D) it has utility and relevance

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following is not a transmitting barrier?

A) Physical distraction

B) Emotional interference

C) Conflicting messages

D) Channel barrier

Answer: B

Q. What will you do as a teacher if the students do not attend your class?

A) Blame the students for their absence

B) Keep quiet considering the present attitude of students as the change of culture

C) Think of using some interesting methods of teaching

D) Know the reason and try to remove them

Answer: D

Q. If the sample drawn doesn՚t specify any condition about the parameter of the population. It is called

A) selected statistics

B) distribution free statistics

C) census

D) None of these

Answer: A

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