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Q. How a teacher should behave with the students

A) General

B) Father

C) Friend

D) Leader

Answer: D

Q. If a girl student requests you to collect her posts at your address what would you like to do in this case?

A) You Would Not Give Permission As It Is Against Your Own Principles

B) You Will Never Allow Her Suspecting A Foul Game

C) As A Teacher You Will Allow Her

D) You Will Permit Her Because You May Get In Touch With Her.

Answer: C

Q. The most important task is teaching is

A) Making Monthly Reports And Maintaining Records

B) Making Assignments And Hearing Recitations

C) Directing Students In The Development of Experience

D) None of These

Answer: C

Q. The most accurate statement about teaching machines is that

A) B. F. Skinner Began The Movement For Their Use.

B) They Were Designed As An Economy Measure To Replace Teachers.

C) They Are Not As Efficient As Teachers In Reinforcing Responses

D) They Can Be Used For All Learning Programmes

Answer: A

Q. The Dalton Scheme of Education is useful for which one of the following?

A) For infants

B) For little children

C) For older children

D) For all of these

Answer: C

Q. Why should a student not be punished severely?

A) He May Quarrel With A Teacher.

B) He May Leave The School And Join Another

C) His Parent May Quarrel With The Teacher.

D) The Student May Develop A Negative Attitude Towards His Studies, Teacher And School.

Answer: D

Q. The term ‘least restrictive environment’ refers to the education of the

A) Handicapped

B) Gifted

C) Early Childhood Youngsters

D) Retarded

Answer: A

Q. According to Dowry, education is a:

A) Social Need

B) Personal Need

C) Psychological Need

D) Theoretical Need

Answer: A

Q. The teaching is not thought as a process of

A) Directing The Activities Of People.

B) Listening The Recitation Of Pupils.

C) Indoctrinating Adult Ideas To Young People

D) None Of These

Answer: C

Q. The major objective of education is:

A) Reforming The Society

B) Making Students Disciplined

D) Developing Inherent Abilities/Powers Of Students

D) Making Students Followers Of Teachers

Answer: D

Q. Each child grows in its won unique way. The wide individual differences are caused by

A) Heredity

B) Endowment

C) Environmental Enfluences

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. All of the following are advantages of teaching machines except

A) The Control Of Cheating

B) Tracking Of Errors

C) The Insurance Of Attention

D) Their Universal Use For Different Kinds Of Programmes.

Answer: D

Q. A teacher can help adolescent to overcome his special problems, and help him to adjust to the environment. Which of the following attitude, he should not made?

A) He Should Impart Right Information About Sex.

B) He Should Redirect The Energies Of The Adolescent To Fruitful Channels Through Sports And Other Constructive Activities.

C) He Should Have Unsympathetic Attitude Towards Others.

D) He Should Have Right Information About Sex.

Answer: C

Q. The process of learning include which of the following

A) Synthesis And Organisation Of The Old And New Experiences, Resulting In A Novel Pattern.

B) It Includes All Activities Which Leave Permanent Effect On The Individual.

C) In Its Simplest Form, Learning Means Acquisition, Retention And Modification Of Experience.

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. A new comer teacher who is maltreated in his class will deal with the students by

A) Applying Punitive Measure

B) Improving His Qualities And Expressing It Before Them In A Good Way.

C) Changing His Class After Consultation

D) Giving Them A Threat Of Expulsion.

Answer: B

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