Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 13

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Q. One of your students wants to share his problems with you. He visits your house for the same. In such a condition our should

A) Suggest Him To Escape From His Family.

B) Extend Necessary Co-Operation And Boost His Morale.

C) Contact The Students Parent And Solve The Problem.

D) None Of These

Answer: B

Q. For better interaction with the students, the teachers objective should be the

A) Equitable Distribution Of Response Time

B) Proximity

C) Affirm Or Correct Student Performance

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. Which of the following is quality of a teacher?

A) He Presenting The Subject Matter In An Effective Manner With Clear Explaining Leading To Better Understanding Of The Matter.

B) He Should Be Trained To Various Teaching Methodologies.

C) He Should Know The Child Psychology

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. In ancient education system, teachers applied some psychological principles in education especially to young child from pre-school age to adolescence. They recognize the role of

A) Gurukul Type Of Education

B) Convent System Of Schooling

C) Sense And Perception In Teaching And Learning

D) All Of These

Answer: C

Q. Recreational Reading should be

A) Reserved For The School Library Period.

B) Assigned As Homework.

C) A Responsibility Of The Home Not The School

D) An Integral Part Of Language Art Curriculum.

Answer: D

Q. which characteristic from the following is least concerned with a teacher?

A) Command over Subject Matter.

B) Respect from College Management

C) Good Rapport with the Students.

D) Effective Verbal Communication.

Answer: B

Q. which of the following statements doesn’t suit a teacher? The teacher is

A) Really Interested In Students

B) Able To Direct And Discipline Students.

C) Reluctant To Adapt Himself to New Situation

D) Enthusiastic About The Work That Teachers Do.

Answer: C

Q. Who can be a good teacher? One

A) Whose Students Do Not Need To Ask Questions

B) Who Answers All The Questions Asked By Students

C) Who Never Encourages Children To Known Something Not In Curriculum.

D) Who Always Tells His/Her Students That From Where They Can Get Answers To Their Queries.

Answer: B

Q. Meaningful learning takes place when

A) Students Are Interested In Topic Taught.

B) Explanations Are Given Within Reach Of Students.

C) The New Content Being Taught Is Related To The Previous Knowledge Of The Student.

D) Students Raise Questions And Get Them Clarified.

Answer: A

Q. Teachers use teaching aids for

A) Making Teaching Interesting.

B) Making Teaching with Understanding Level Of Students

C) Making Student Attentive.

D) The Sake Of Its Use.

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following is true about Modern Annual Examination System?

A) It Encourages Attaining Knowledge By Cramming.

B) It Doesn’t Encourage The Habit Of Regular Study.

C) It Doesn’t Encourage Students To Attain Their Classes Regularly.

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. Personalized system of education:


A) Doesn’t Inculcate A Feeling Of Socialization In Students

B) Doesn’t Inculcate A Feeling Of Competition

C) Leads To Wastage Of Time And Energy

D) All Of These

Answer: Option D) All Of These

Q. The most important challenge before a teacher is:

A) To Maintain Discipline In The Classroom

B) To Make Students Do Their Homework

C) To Prepare Question Paper

D) To Make Teaching Learning Process Enjoyable

Answer: D

Q. If you are irritated and show rashness because of the inadequate behavior of another teachers, what do you think about your own behavior?

A) It Is Justified Because Behaviours Are Echo Lim.

B) Your Behavior Is Not Good Because Elders Have The Right To Behave You In This Way.

C) Your Behavior Is Also A Sign Of Maladjustment And So Try To Control Yourself When You Are Maltreated.

D) All Of These

Answer: C

Q. Teacher’s professionalism means:

A) The Extent To Which A Teacher Subscribes To A Professional Code

B) A Teacher Has To Teach For The Sake Of Getting Salaries

C) A Teacher Must Have Completed Professional Teachers Training Course before His Appointment

D) All Of These

Answer: A

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