Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 16

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Q. Ozone layer depletion is mainly due to


B) carbon monoxide

C) carbon dioxide

D) methane

Answer: A

Q. which of the following is long term effect (tertiary effect) of flooding?

A) Increase in corruption

B) Destruction of wild life habitat

C) Sediment deposition

D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. Benefits of computer are that

A) they are accurate

B) they are intelligent

C) they are machine

D) None of these

Answer: A

Q. Fire balls are

A) very bright meteors

B) Volanic eruption

C) forest fire

D) None of these

Answer: A

Q. Nagarajun Sagar dam is situated on river

A) Tungabhadra

B) Cauvery

C) Krishna

D) Godavari

Answer: C

Q. UGC was established in

A) 1966

B) 1953

C) 1946

D) 1986

Answer: B

Q. President can be removed on the charges of violating the constitution by

A) No-confidence motion

B) Impeachment

C) Electoral College of legislative Assemblies

D) Prime Minister

Answer: B

Q. The time of gap between two sessions of Parliament is not more than

A) 180 days

B) 120 days

C) 150 days

D) 90days

Answer: A

Q. Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums (Formerly Indian Lac Research Institute) is at ———

A) Lucknow

B) Kolkata

C) Ranchi

D) New Delhi

Answer: C

Q. Discussion Method can be used when:

A) The topic is very difficult

B) The topic is easy

C) The topic is difficult

D) All of the above

Answer: A

Q. which of the following is a teaching aid?

A) Working Model of Wind Mill

B) Tape Recorder

C) 16 mm Film Projector

D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. The main aim of teaching is:

A) To develop only reasoning

B) To develop only thinking

C) Both (a) and (b)

D) To give information

Answer: C

Q. The quality of teaching is reflected:

A) By the attendance of students in the class

B) By the pass percentage of students

C) BY the quality of questions asked by students

D) By the duration of silence maintained in the class

Answer: C

Q. The present annual examination system:

A) Promotes rote learning

B) does not promote good study habits

C) does not encourage students to be regular in class

D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. A college wants to give training in use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to researchers. For this the college should organise:

A) Conference

B) Seminar

C) Workshop

D) Lecture

Answer: C

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