Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 17

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Q. Freedom if Press as such

A) has been guaranteed by the constitution.

B) Has not been expressly guaranteed by the constitution

C) has been given only to selected institutions.

D) None of these

Answer: B

Q. Fill in the missing member in the sequence:

A) father

B) niece

C) sister

D) uncle

Answer: A

Q. In which year the number of employees working in production department was less than 50% of the total employees?

A) 1999

B) 2001

C) 2002

D) 2003

Answer: A

Q. Which year showed the greatest per cent increase in profit compared to previous year?

A) 2003

B) 2004

C) 2000

D) 2002

Answer: D

Q. The planning commission of India is

A) Tripura

B) Meghalaya

C) Mizoram

D) Manipur

Answer: C

Q. Parliament can legislate on matters listed in the State list:

A) With the prior permission of the President.

B) Only after the constitution is amended suit-ably.

C) In case of inconsistency among State legislatures.

D) At the request of two or more States.

Answer: D

Q. Catharsis means discharge of emotions. A teacher can let off pent up energy of his disciple through

A) picnic/excursions

B) mock- parliament

C) Celebration of festivals

D) all of these

Answer: D

Q. Major limitation of mass communication is

A) it is very costly

B) the feedback system is weak

C) more time is required to produce the message

D) the success largely depends upon the producer

Answer: B

Q. In the income section, how many degrees (approx.) should there be in central angle of the sector representing income tax?

A) 105

B) 120

C) 135

D) 150

Answer: B

Q. Water for civil supplies are commonly purified by

A) Chlorination

B) Distillation

C) Filtration

D) Decantation

Answer: A

Q. Research can be conducted by a person who:

A) Has studied research methodology

B) Holds a postgraduate degree

C) Possesses thinking and reasoning ability

D) Is a hard worker

Answer: C

Q. suppose you are asked by your friends to take the membership of the teachers association. How could you take decision in this situation?

A) You will give priority to social relations, therefore, you will accept the offer.

B) You will have, faith in unity so you will accept the membership.

C) You will de – affiliate yourself from the colleagues instead of enmity with the management.

D) You will try to avoid the issue.

Answer: D

Q. which of the following steps would you consider first as an effective communicator?

A) Select the channels of communication

B) Plan the evaluation procedure

C) Specify the objectives of communication

D) Identify the various media for communication

Answer: C

Q. In this question four words have been given, out of which three are alike in the same manner and fourth one is different. Choose the odd one out.

A) Tailor

B) Carpenter

C) Blacksmith

D) Barber

Answer: D

Q. Ethernet is an example of




D) None of these

Answer: A

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