Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 18

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Q. the final decision about the disqualification of an M.P. of Lok Sabha under the law of defection rests with

A) Speaker

B) Election Commission

C) Supreme Court

D) President

Answer: A

Q. If A stands for 5, B for 6, C for 7, D for 8 and so on, then the following numbers stand for 17, 19, 20, 9, and 8:





Answer: B

Q. an effective teaching means all of the following except

A) A teacher teaches with enthusiasm.

B) A teacher finds fault in his students.

C) A teacher puts emphasis more on teaching than on class control.

D) A teacher is interested in making the subject matter understood rather than on completing the course.

Answer: B

Q. Independent variables are not manipulated in

A) Normative research

B) ex-post facto researches

C) Both of the above

D) None of these

Answer: C

Q. Promotional device which is used to improve the image and profitability of a periodical is known as

A) Personal Relation

B) Personnel Relation

C) Public Relation

D) Promotional Relation

Answer: C

Q. Jackal ‘ is related to ‘ Carnivorous” in the same way as ‘ Goat ‘ is related to ……………….

A) Omnivorous

B) Herbivorous

C) Carnivorous

D) Multivorous

Answer: B

Q. what is EDI?

A) Electronic Data Interface

B) Electronic Data Internet

C) Electronic Data Interchange

D) None of these

Answer: A

Q. The coldest place on the earth among the following is

A) Halifax

B) Chicago

C) Siachin

D) Verkhoyansk

Answer: D

Q. The President of India

A) Enjoys absolute powers.

B) Enjoys limited but real powers.

C) Enjoys only nominal powers.

D) Enjoys no powers.

Answer: C

Q. LAN stands for:

A) Local and National

B) Local Area Network

C) Large Area Network

D) Live Area Network

Answer: B

Q.296) Information and Communication Technology includes:

A) On line learning

B) Learning through the use of EDUSAT

C) Web Based Learning

D) All the above

Answer: D

Q.297) if you invite personal friends and colleagues in your son’s birthday party, the procedure of invitation will be

A) Only personal invitation will be extended to most dear ones.

B) Only a specific group of teachers will be invited.

C) Extend invitation to all the teachers without any distinction.

D) You would invite all the personnel of the school.

Answer: C

Q.298) for a proposition to be true it is necessary that it should have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT

A) It must be objective

B) It must be in tune with accepted beliefs.

C) It must be consistent.

D) It must be testable.

Answer: D

Q.299) SITE stands for

A) System for International Television based Education.

B) Satellite Instruction Television Experiment.

C) Satellite Instructional Technological Experiment.

D) System of Indian Trade in Europe.

Answer: B

Q.300) Communication satellites work through

A) Transponders

B) Transmitters

C) Radars

D) None of these

Answer: A

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