Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 19

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Q. which of the following is/are the qualities of teacher?

A) Teacher should be able to arrange subject matter in a logical way

B) Teacher should inspire his pupil

C) Teacher should have sweet, polite and clear voice.

D) All of these

Answer: D

Q. The students who keep asking questions in the class

A) Performs the role of an active member of the political party in power.

B) Should be encouraged to participate in classroom discussion

C) Should be encouraged to find answer independently

D) Should be encouraged to continue questioning.

Answer: D

Q. which of the following one is most effective for a teacher?

A) Knowledge

B) Feedback

C) Management

D) Teaching skills

Answer: D

Q. which is the source of primary data

A) Books

B) Newspapers

C) Respondent

D) Reports

Answer: C

Q. Many experienced teachers go into a classroom and embark straight away upon a lesson. As a beginner to the teaching profession will you

A) Adopt the same procedure

B) Make a written note of your preparation

C) As the students a like

D) None of these

Answer: B

Q. which can be described as an ideal teaching technique?

A) Repetitive drill and rote memorization

B) Using props and manipulative to help students understand abstract concept.

C) Encouraging in group discussion for logical thinking.

D) Both (b) and (c)

Answer: D

Q. Quality of education in a school/college can be measured through

A) Infrastructural facilities available

B) Manpower teachers and principal available

C) Students achievements

D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. A mentally retarded student attends your lecture and sits in a deaf and dumb manner. What will you do?

A) Make your lecture very simple and spare some extra time for him.

B) You do not like to spoil majority for the individual.

C) You pressurised the student to leave the class.

D) You do not support him at all.

Answer: A

Q. Teaching in higher education implies

A) Presenting the information given in the text book

B) Asking questions in the class and conducting examinations

C) helping students prepare for and pass the examination

D) Helping students how to learn

Answer: D

Q. for providing evaluative feedback to students, the teacher should

A) Use correction, not criticism, in respect to inappropriate responses

B) Provide immediate feedback

C) Do not provide non constructive comments for evaluating activities

D) All of these

Answer: D

Q. The members of a group act, feel and think together, in a way which is different from the normal acting, feeling and thinking of individual, who come together to form the group. It is known as

A) Memsis

B) Co-operation

C) Understanding

D) Group working

Answer: A

Q. which of the following is a good method of teaching?

A) Lecture and dictation

B) Seminar and project

C) Seminar and dictation

D) Dictation and Assignment

Answer: B

Q. which of the following is the most important signal factor in underlying the success of beginning a teacher?

A) Scholarship

B) Communicative ability

C) Personality and its ability to relate to the class and to the pupils

D) Organisational ability

Answer: C

Q. which one of the following is least required during the preparation of lecture?

A) Clear introduction and summary.

B) Time and control unit

C) Examples for better explanation and understanding.

D) Factual materials in indirect way.

Answer: D

Q. in your view arrangement for “education on environment” in the school

A) is important for creating an awareness among an awareness among students about the environment.

B) is likely to put more burdens on students.

C) Is a mode of entertainment for students?

D) Is like giving work to teacher.

Answer: A

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