Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 21

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Q. Which of the following is not cyclone prone area in India?

A) Orissa

B) Gujarat

C) Andhra Pradesh

D) Assam (Asom)

Answer: B

Q.The most significant impact of volcanic eruption has been felt in the form of:

A) Change in weather

B) Sinking of islands

C) Loss of vegetation

D) Extinction of animals

Answer: A

Q. Electoral disputes arising out of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections are settled by

A) Election Commission of India

B) Joint Committee of Parliament

C) Supreme Court of India

D) Central Election Tribunal

Answer: C

Q. All of the following statements about a teacher are correct except that he/she is

A) a friend guide and philosopher

B) teacher that the students do not know

C) the leader in the class.

D) Changes his attitudes and behaviour according to the need of the society.

Answer: B

Q. The quality of research is judged by the

A) Experience of researcher.

B) Depth of the research.

C) Methodology followed in conducting the research.

D) Relevance of research.

Answer: D

Q.The study in which the investigators attempt

A) Survey Research

B) ‘Ex-post Facto’ Research

C) Historical Research

D) Summative Research

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following is not created by the Act of Parliament?

A) Atomic Energy Commission

B) Backward Class Commission

C) University Grants Commission

D) Railway Board

Answer: Option D) Railway Board

Q. Micro teaching is most effective for the student-teacher:

A) during the practice-teaching

B) after the practice- teaching

C) before the practice-teaching

D) None of these

Answer: B

Q. The VIRUS is a

A) Software program

B) Hardware

C) Device

D) None of these

Answer: D

Q. Teaching model is a way to

A) teach in a formal as well as informal way.

B) Select such stimulus so that, the students may give expected feedback.

C) Talk and think about instruction, which may contain facts in organised and classified manner.

D) both (a) and ( b)

Answer: D

Q. Which of the following is Mahila University in Rajasthan?

A) Kota University

B) M.D.S. University, Ajmer

C) Banasthali Vidyapeeth

D) J.N.Y. University, Jodhpur

Answer: B

Q. How many Mondays are there in a particular month of a particular year. If the month ends on Wednesday?

A) 5

B) 4

C) 3

D) None of these

Answer: D

Q. Which is the number that comes next in the sequence? 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 8, 6,

A) 5

B) 6

C) 8

D) 4

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following Hydel power projects is situated in Jammu and Kashmir?

A) Lok Tak

B) Riwand

C) Salal

D) Upper Sileru

Answer: C

Q. Which one of the following words is different from the rest three

A) Odour

B) Smell

C) Fragrance

D) Foul

Answer: D

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