Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 25

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Q. Which of the following is not a part of Information?

A) logical

B) formal

C) impersonal

D) perception

Answer: D

Q. Bright Light in classroom is a type of ——– Barrier.

A) physical distraction

B) emotional distraction

C) channel

D) none of these

Answer: A

Q. Close Circuit Television CCT is useful

A) only for a restricted audience residing at a particular place.

B) for large group communication

C) only for poor students of the class

D) None of these

Answer: A

Q. All are the examples of the media of two way communication except

A) public meeting

B) padyatra

C) street plays

D) procession and rallies

Answer: C

Q. Genuine: Authentic: Mirage?

A) Illusion

B) Image

C) Hideout

D) Reflection

Answer: A

Q. Find out the number that does not belong to the group for lack of common property.


A) 484

B) 442

C) 361

D) 289

Answer: B

Q. 1, 1, 2, 6, 2, 4, ? , 720

A) 100

B) 104

C) 108

D) 120

Answer: D

Q. Find the odd one out

A) Sucheta Kriplani

B) J.Jayalatitha

C) Padmaja Naidu

D) Mayawati

Answer: C

Q. If in a certain code, BEAT is coded as GIDV what is the code of SOUP?





Answer: A

Q. All students are not geniuses concludes that

A) many students are not genius

B) all geniuses are students

C) no student is genius

D) None of these

Answer: A

Q. World’s first man in space was

A) Neil Armstrong

B) Yuri Gagarin

C) Kalpna Chawla

D) Edwin Eldrin

Answer: B

Q. Using antivirus software is a

A) detective measure

B) preventive measure

C) corrective measure

D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. Data in a computer can be represented as

A) Hexadecimal

B) Decimal

C) binary

D) All of the above

Answer: C

Q. which of the following is used to append a digital signature?

A) Public key

B) Private key

C) Digital key

D) none of these

Answer: B

Q. The area covered by forest in India is about

A) 46%

B) 33%

C) 23%

D) 21%

Answer: D

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