Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 29

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Q. The Test On The Basis Of Which A Teacher Takes Decision About The Students Is Known As

A) Performance Test

B) Institutional Test

C) Revision Test

D) Instructional Test

Answer: A

Q. In Your Institution, A Debate Test Would Be Held Shortly Then How Would You Support Your Students?

A) By Writing The Debate

B) You Would Tell Students How To Write A Debate

C) You Will Tell Students Where To Consult For Literature

D) None Of These

Answer: C

Q. Which Of The Following Is Wrongly Matched?

A) Froebel — Progressivism

B) Dewey — Pragmatism

C) Skinner — Gestalt

D) Herbart — Apperception

Answer: C

Q. How Can Students In A Class Be Made Attentive?

A) By Speaking Loudly In The Class

B) By Preparing Your Lecture Properly

C) By Creating Curiosity In Students

D) By Wearing Special Types Of Clothes

Answer: C

Q. A Teacher Can Get Important Place In Society If He

A) Performs The Role Of An Active Member The Political Party In Power

B) Is Scholar And In Power

C) Participates Actively In Social Activities

D) Performs His Responsibility Honestly

Answer: D

Q. If The Principal Of Your Institution Is Not Satisfied With Your Performance And Charge You With The Act Of Negligence Of Duties, How Would You Behave With Him?

A) You Would Take Revenge By Giving Physical And Agony To Him.

B) You Would Neglect Him.

C) You Would Take A Tough Stand Against The Changes.

D) You Would Keep Yourself Alert And Make His Efforts Unfruitful.

Answer: D

Q. Which Of The Following Can Be Termed As Most Import Task In Teaching Among The Given?

A) Directing Students In Development Pf Experiences.

B) Making Monthly Reports And Maintaining Records.

C) Making Assignments And Checking Worksheets.

D) All Of The Above

Answer: A

Q. If Your Own Son Is In Your Class. How Will You Behave With Your Students In Comparison To Your Son?

A) Just Like Your Own Son.

B) Equal Treatment Is Not Possible To All The Students.

C) Repressed Treatment.

D) It Is Better To Lend Them A Free Hand.

Answer: A

Q. The Criteria For Grading Should Be

A) The Material Is Covered In An Accurate Manner.

B) The Writing Communicates Clearly And Effectively.

C) Is There Any Originality In The Submitted Work.

D) All Of These.

Answer: D

Q. Verbal Guidance Is Least Effective In Teaching

A) Attitude

B) Concepts And Facts

C) Relationship

D) Skills

Answer: D

Q. The Adage Of Maintaining Good Relations With Others Is

A) Sycophancy

B) Kaleidoscopic Personality

C) Attractive Features And Mental Make Up

D) Control Over Emotion

Answer: C

Q. Which Is Most Favourable For Education?

A) Social Class

B) Social Mobility

C) Social Stratification

D) Caste

Answer: C

Q. Which Of The Following Is Most Important For Effective Learning In Classroom?

A) Teacher’s Ability To Create And Maintain Inappropriate Responses

B) Provide Immediate Feedback

C) Do Not Provide Unconstructive Comments For Evaluating Activities

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. Which Of The Following Is The Educational Implication Of The Of The Learning Process?

A) Memory

B) Interest

C) Curiosity And Level Of Aspiration Are Motivating Factors According To Berlyne.

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. Use Of Telecast Materials.

A) Enhances Concentration And Learning.

B) Reduces The Burden Of The Teacher.

C) Increases Retention Power.

D) All Of These

Answer: A

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